Author: 0 No bond for woman accused of leaking top-secret documents

Attorney Jennifer Solari said investigators also found the names of three Islamic extremists listed in Winner's notebook known to federal authorities, Reuters reported. "I think she's trying to be courageous for me". "No, that is not Reality". However, it shows no evidence that the Russian cyberattacks directly altered any votes.

Author: 0 South Korea Proposes To Host 2030 FIFA World Cup

Any flare-up in the long-running dispute over "comfort women" could complicate efforts by Seoul, Tokyo and their ally Washington to cope with North Korea, which has been ramping up weapons tests since a year ago in defiance of global sanctions.

Research Andy Rubin's Essential Phone to be Sprint exclusive
Author: 0 Andy Rubin's Essential Phone to be Sprint exclusive

After taking the headlines at its launch , Andy Rubin's Essential Phone generated mixed feelings among United States carriers. To me, it just seems like Essential kind of copped out here. This deal brings with it some peril for Essential. As an exclusive partner for Essential, Sprint is planning a big "hero launch " for the product.

Research Crackdown 3 launches November 7, E3 2017 trailer
Author: 0 Crackdown 3 launches November 7, E3 2017 trailer

Crackdown 3 has been a long time coming. It introduces Crews as one of the characters in the game named Commander Jaxon. "Tomorrow, you'll be throwing cars!" "Forget dropping bombs. Crackdown 3 features a full story campaign where you will be playing in a team of 4 people. The open-world action game is one of the company's biggest Xbox One releases for the rest of the year.

Research 'Toilet Ek Prem Katha' trailer provides entertainment with important message
Author: 0 'Toilet Ek Prem Katha' trailer provides entertainment with important message

Akshay gets married to Bhumi Pednekar who is playing a fierce woman. However, Jaya leaves his house when she realizes that she has to defecate in open, as her husband's house doesn't have a toilet. This time around the 49-year-old actor will essay the role of a helpless husband who find it hard keep his marriage intact owing to sanitation problems in his village.

Research Moto E4 and E4 Plus announced: long battery life, low price tags
Author: 0 Moto E4 and E4 Plus announced: long battery life, low price tags

The Moto Z is high-end, the Moto G is mid-range, and the Moto E is low-end. Motorola has yet to reveal the official release date of the Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus . If you take a look at the provided teaser image, you will get to see a woman holding a gold colour Motorola smartphone and on the device, you will see a confirmation it will sport a Motorola's traditional round rear camera setup.

Author: 0 Cuphead finally has a release date

After three consecutive E3 appearances, Microsoft finally announced the side-scrolling action platformer Cuphead's release date at its E3 presentation in Los Angeles Sunday. As you can see from the trailer above, the odds certainly aren't stacked in your favor. Honestly, even if you don't wind up playing Cuphead , you might want to pick up a copy of this so your next cocktail party can have that vintage vibe you're striving to create.

Research XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Expansion Announced, Mimics Nemesis System
Author: 0 XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Expansion Announced, Mimics Nemesis System

The other Chosen include a sniper called The Hunter and The Warlock. To make things even more hard, the Lost, mutated humans that look a bit like zombies, might start appear on the edges of War of the Chosen's maps as battles drag on. Enemy Unknown is a textbook example of classic gaming reboots, while XCOM 2 was an impressive new take on the concept . Like the player's troops, the Chosen will get stronger as the game progresses.

Research Minecraft's Better Together update lets you play with others across devices
Author: 0 Minecraft's Better Together update lets you play with others across devices

Minecraft is already available on countless platforms and, in August, the Better Together update will unify the game's code base across majority. Furthermore, the Xbox One, Windows 10, mobile and VR versions will receive optional 4K visuals with the " Super Duper Graphics Pack ". Any DLC and content you may have purchased on one platform will now be shared across all platforms.

Author: 0 New Xbox is 40% more powerful

Microsoft has unveiled its highly anticipated PlayStation 4 Pro-rivalling Xbox One X at the E3 games show in Los Angeles. At launch Gears of War 4 , Forza Horizon 3 , Minecraft , Resident Evil 7 , Final Fantasy 15 , Rocket League wil get the 4K upgrade to take advantage of Xbox One X's additional performance .

Research The World of Hercules to Return in Kingdom Hearts III
Author: 0 The World of Hercules to Return in Kingdom Hearts III

I feel for you Kingdom Hearts die hards. The trailer was first shown at Kingdom Hearts Orchestra, World Tour , and shows plenty of new gameplay from the much-anticipated RPG. Want further insight into the worlds of Kingdom Hearts III? The game from Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios brings players back into the world of Disney's Hercules with some new mysteries and challenges to solve.

Author: 0 Xbox Announces Xbox One X

Like the Xbox One S , the Xbox One X offers 4K video streaming, and is targeted at hardcore gamers. Despite the focus on 4K (ranging from the capacity to run games at a "true 4K resolution" to the aforementioned 4K Blu-ray functionality), Microsoft is stressing there are additional benefits to the system outside of the increased fidelity aspects.

Author: 0 Everything you need to know about the insanely powerful Xbox One X

Microsoft has unveiled its new console, the Xbox One X, with ultra high-resolution 4K capabilities and a processor with liquid-cooling technology, claiming that it is the most powerful game console to date. Xbox One X specsIn addition, the new Xbox game console is backwards compatible, enabling the user to play older games as well. Scorpio, at the same time, will allow players to capture 4K, 60fps videos and what Microsoft is calling, Retroactive screen captures to extract ...

Author: 0 Apple Showcases New iMac Pro Workstation at WWDC

Apple then explains that with the new iPad Pro , drawing with the Apple Pencil renders no lag whatsoever, akin to writing on paper in real life. The top-end 512GB variant will be priced at Rs.89,900, while the Wi-Fi + cellular variants carry a premium of Rs.11,000 compared to their WI-Fi only counterparts.

Author: 0 Saudi, allies issue Qatar-linked 'terrorism' list

The Qatari Foreign Ministry said in a statement the two held talks on how "restore the normal relations" of the Gulf as the 2022 FIFA World Cup host and worldwide air travel hub now finds itself isolated by land, sea and air. Qatar dismissed the terror listing as part of "baseless allegations that hold no foundation in fact", the AP says, standing by earlier defiant statements by its top diplomat that Arab nations had no "right to blockade my country".

Author: 0 Halep misses another chance to win Grand Slam title

She burst onto the scene over these two weeks with a brash brand of tennis. Yes, she was ranked only 47th. The 20-year-old Ostapenko is the first unseeded woman to lift the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen since Britain's Margaret Scriven in 1933.

Research Top IOS 11 Features We're Excited About
Author: 0 Top IOS 11 Features We're Excited About

Apple yesterday announced its new version of iOS 11 along with new updates for MacOS, Watch OS. The event kicked off on Monday, and more than 5300 developers and tech-savvy enthusiasts from 75 different countries were expected to attend this year.

Author: 0 Apple launches the HomePod, a Siri-powered wireless speaker

Google followed in 2016 with Google Home , and Microsoft is now working with Harman Kardon on the Invoke smart speaker, which uses voice-assistant Cortana. Apple is marketing the HomePod as a much higher quality speaker - and it is. This has generally been Apple's strategy since Steve Jobs retook the helm of the company in the late 1990s: Approach established markets and dominate them with simpler products that are better built and marketed.

Research 6 things you need to know about the Apple HomePod
Author: 0 6 things you need to know about the Apple HomePod

The HomePod is Apple's version of a smart speaker and is a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo and Google Home . Naturally, that's because you can control the speaker using Siri , and Apple has been keen to point out that you don't need to worry about giving up your privacy to do so, noting that "until you say Hey Sri, nothing is being said to Apple ".

Research Apple's new wireless HomePod speaker
Author: 0 Apple's new wireless HomePod speaker "reinvents music in the home"

Like devices by Amazon and Google , Apple's HomePod speaker can respond to questions and control smart home gadgets such as lights. Amazon Echo is powered by Alexa, while Google Home is powered by Google Assistant. It can do the usual list of tasks we've come to expect from smart speakers, though it appears to have minimal third-party integration. However, Apple has a well-established reputation for keeping its app ecosystem and platforms under tight control, so ...

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