National Crosby, Pens cap amazing year with 2nd straight Stanley Cup
Author: 0 Crosby, Pens cap amazing year with 2nd straight Stanley Cup

In July 2015, Sheary received a two-year entry-level National Hockey League contract with the Penguins , remaining with the organization that first signed him to an ATO following the conclusion of his senior season at UMass in 2013-14. Well, there was a goal scored early in the second period by the Predators but a quick whistle by one of the refs waved it off and Preds fans were furious.

Author: 0 Trump flatly denies Comey accusations, willing to respond under oath

He painted Trump as a chief executive dismissive of the FBI's independence and made clear that he interpreted Trump's request to end an investigation into the former national security adviser as an order coming from the president. "I would be glad to tell him exactly what I just told you", Trump told a reporter. MORE: Analysis - Comey goes nuclear in showdown with TrumpHe said that he'd carefully documented his interactions with Trump because he anxious Trump would misrepresent them, and ...

National New York Play's Trump-killing Scene Scares Away Sponsors
Author: 0 New York Play's Trump-killing Scene Scares Away Sponsors

You have Julius Caesar onstage dressed as Donald Trump with blood all over his shirt, and I understand blood splatters all over the stage. (High school students learn this; so should Donald Trump, Jr .) Brutus and Cassius assassinate Caesar because they think he's going to transform Rome's democracy into a personal empire; as a result of the violence they unleash, Caesar's nephew Octavius is able to use the army to establish his own empire instead.

National Innocent man freed after doppelganger found
Author: 0 Innocent man freed after doppelganger found

Mr Jones's lawyers later showed eyewitnesses and the prosecutor in the original case photographs of the two men but no-one could tell them apart. In an interview with the Kansas City Star, the newly freed Jones said " I don't believe in luck, I believe I was blessed ".

Author: 0 Tweet That: #covfefe signals @realDonaldTrump is back

And that was it for almost six hours before the unfinished tweet was removed from the president's account. It was an apparent typo in a tweet by US President Donald Trump , and internet users have been mocking him mercilessly. The covfefe kerfuffle is a reminder that we're living in a unique political era: Even the words are brand-new. Jimmy Kimmel lamented that he'll never write anything funnier than the term.

National Baltimore soldier among 3 killed, 1 wounded in Afghanistan
Author: 0 Baltimore soldier among 3 killed, 1 wounded in Afghanistan

Eric Houck, 25, from Baltimore, Md.; Sgt. William Bays, 29, from Barstow, Calif.; and Cpl. A fourth USA soldier was wounded in the firefight in Peka Valley in the Achin district of Nangarhar province on Saturday. A fourth US soldier was injured in the attack. Khogyani said that Afghanistan will be investigating the incident . They died June 10 in Peka Valley, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, of gunshot wounds sustained in Peka Valley, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.

National Katy Perry opens up on livestream about suicidal thoughts
Author: 0 Katy Perry opens up on livestream about suicidal thoughts

In response to Morales' questions about her mental health , Perry confirmed she's wrestled "very low thoughts", saying: "It's not just been one time that I felt really low". Perry , described Swift , as a "fantastic songwriter" and expressed the hope that they can be examples of strong women in the music industry. And you'd expect that this would go doubly if you and/or your partner is a famous person: with so many people trying to know all of your personal business as it is, you ...

Author: 0 2 magnitude earthquake shakes western Turkey, Greek island

Turkey and Greece lie on major fault lines and earthquakes in the area are common. It struck a depth of 10km, with tremors felt as far away as the Greek capital, Athens, and the city of Izmir, according to the European natural disaster monitor, EMSC.

National Ivanka Trump: 'I was not expecting the intensity of this experience'
Author: 0 Ivanka Trump: 'I was not expecting the intensity of this experience'

Ivanka is much better at her job of mouthing meaningless platitudes than Donald Jr., and quickly got out the Trump Administration's unfounded message that Comey's testimony "vindicated" Trump . Ivanka Marie Trump is an American businesswoman and former fashion model. Fox News reports that Ivanka generously allowed the cast a glimpse into the family's "daily battle with detractors".

National Spy chief said to get request to sway Federal Bureau of Investigation
Author: 0 Spy chief said to get request to sway Federal Bureau of Investigation

Over these two days, four current intelligence officials, along with one former one, will all be testifying under oath before the same Senate panel. In the course of justifying Section 702 as an invaluable tool for counterterrorism and counterproliferation efforts, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats claimed that agencies have made "herculean" efforts to get a count on how many Americans have been affected, but in spite of those efforts it remains impossible.

National US opts out of G7 pledge on Paris climate accord
Author: 0 US opts out of G7 pledge on Paris climate accord

It will give the United Nations a plan for how the USA will meet its Paris commitment even without the federal government. "The only legal framework for climate negotiations is the accord and objectives fixed in Paris and there is no doubt that they are irreversible", said Hulot, a former TV star and a longstanding environmental campaigner who was persuaded to enter government by new French president Emmanuel Macron .

Author: 0 Trump accuses ex-FBI chief Comey of lying

Outraged Democrats argued that Comey had laid out all the elements of an obstruction of justice case, even as Democratic leaders tried to tamp down calls for impeachment coming from some liberals, including some members of Congress. "It's clear his recusal is not worth the paper it's written on since he was involved in the firing of the person running the very investigation he's recused from".

Author: 0 Intelligence Chiefs Won't Discuss Private Conversations With Trump In Open Hearing

Coats told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he did not believe it was appropriate for him to publicly discuss conversations he has had with the president. "You are inappropriately refusing to answer these questions today", King told Rogers. The hearing demonstrated how tough it might be for Congress to determine whether Trump has indeed leaned on intelligence officials to smother or counter the FBI's Russian Federation investigation, which is now being overseen by special counsel ...

Author: 0 Trump commits to NATO mutual defense after hesitating

Trump lashed out at Comey, dubbing him a "leaker" for indirectly providing reporters with the contents of his memos summarizing their private conversations in the weeks before he was sacked. Bob Inglis, a Republican former congressman who voted to impeach Bill Clinton in 1998, suggested Trump might be in particularly hot water. Watch above, via The White House.

Author: 0 Oldest Trump son fires off 80-plus tweets in support of dad

For Best, a self-identified member of the anti-Trump #resistance, it's a form of catharsis and a chance to "fight back" during what he calls a "particularly depressing time" in politics. The first public plea came from an unexpected quarter: George Conway, a longtime Trump friend and husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Author: 0 Two US intel chiefs say were never pressured by White House

Trump has insisted the ongoing federal investigation into possible collusion between his campaign team and the Kremlin is a "witch hunt". Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee , Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats demurred when asked whether it was true, as The Washington Post reported Tuesday, that Trump asked Coats if he could intervene with then-FBI Director James B.

National Top intelligence officials say little about Trump conversations on Russia
Author: 0 Top intelligence officials say little about Trump conversations on Russia

Sen. Angus King of ME, an Independent who caucuses with Democrats, picked up on Heinrich's questions, demanding a "legal justification" for why Rogers and Coats were not answering questions. Afterward, Coats told other officials that Trump had asked him to get Comey to back off the investigation of Flynn and other campaign associates - but the intelligence official declined.

Author: 0 Congressmen seeking any tape recordings of Comey with Trump

President Trump is asked about tapes of conversations with then-FBI Director James Comey and his opinion of Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. "I'll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future", he said. Still, Trump's legal team is planning to file a complaint with the Department of Justice over Comey's leaking of memos of his conversations with the President.

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