Medical Attacked while running, woman drowns rabid raccoon in puddle
Author: 0 Attacked while running, woman drowns rabid raccoon in puddle

Terror-stricken, 21-year-old Rachel Borch screamed as the mad animal clawed and scratched her. She was terrified and scared that she might begin foaming at the mouth. Borch remembers ripping out her headphones and dropping her phone on the ground as she tried to evade the devilish critter, but the path was too narrow for her to run past it.

Author: 0 List of GOP congressmen found with baseball practice shooter

Congressman Steve Scalise has improved in the last 24 hours, according to officials at the Medstar Washington Hospital where the Majority Whip is being treated. Scalise had been at "imminent risk of death" when he was first brought into the hospital on Wednesday, and he received many units of transfused blood, Sava said.

Medical Protester storms stage during Julius Caesar play in NYC
Author: 0 Protester storms stage during Julius Caesar play in NYC

Loomer was issued summonses for disorderly conduct and criminal mischief and freed, Phillips said . Right-wing activist and Rebel Media's Laura Loomer livestreamed herself rushing the stage. Teagle F. Bougere, center right, plays as Casca and Elizabeth Marvel, right, as Marc Anthony. "Although Posobiec walked away from the planned protest without any charges being filed, a tweet from him shortly afterward suggested that Loomer was charged with trespassing, ending his tweet with ...

Medical Pediatricians advocate no safe level for lead found in baby food samples
Author: 0 Pediatricians advocate no safe level for lead found in baby food samples

Current guidance levels for lead include 5 ppb for bottled water, 50 ppb for fruit juices and 100 ppb for certain dried fruits as well as candy "likely to be consumed frequently by small children", according to . The Environmental Defense Fund found the lead through an analysis of 11 years of federal data. Fruit juices: 89 percent of grape juice samples contained detectable levels of lead , while the same was true for 67 percent of mixed fruit juices, 55 percent of apple ...

Medical Man awarded $870000 after surgeon removes wrong testicle
Author: 0 Man awarded $870000 after surgeon removes wrong testicle

Moreover, Fox 6 News reports that based on medical records , the damaged testicle was about half the size of the healthy one at the time of the operation. Hanes said that Long was reckless because he did not properly identify the testicle that was meant to be removed. While Long is 77 years old and no longer practicing surgery, Steven Hanes can look forward to $870,000 from the medical malpractice case.

Author: 0 Burned body of Oklahoma minister discovered near his church

Youth Annual, 2 p.m., Victory in Praise Life Center , 1501 Maple Ave. St. Luke's United Methodist Church , 900 N Sooner Road, Edmond, "Maker Fun Factory", 9 noon Monday through Thursday, geared for age 4 through fifth grade, online preregistration encouraged.

Author: 0 2 citizens held escaped Ga. inmates at gunpoint until police arrived

No one was injured, officials said. Word of the arrests came as the families of the corrections officers, Christopher Monica , 42, and Curtis Billue , 58, were planning their funerals. Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills had announced Thursday the reward had been upped to $130,000. "My honest thanks to our local, state and federal law enforcement officers who assisted in the manhunt", Deal wrote.

Author: 0 An early US Open departure for Day and McIlroy

It was the first time since the official world rankings began in 1986 that the top three all missed the cut in a major. Over the final few holes, with Justin Rose struggling to try to make the cut and McIlroy finally playing well, Day was simply trying to stay out of the way.

Medical Two relays become one Relay for Life event at Yorkville High School
Author: 0 Two relays become one Relay for Life event at Yorkville High School

There are now 28 teams signed up to participate. A year ago, 19 teams raised approximately $90,000. Younger participants may enter the Little Miss and Mister Hope contest, and gentlemen attending the event have the opportunity to get in touch with their feminine side for the Miss Relay contest, a beauty pageant for men of all ages.

Author: 0 House votes to roll back Wall Street rules, defang consumer bureau

Many observers believe that the law, enacted in the wake of the financial collapse of 2008, has smothered the financial system and inhibits #Economic Growth through overregulation. The act was created to protect taxpayers by ending wholesale government bailouts of banks and non-bank financial institutions that encouraged indiscriminate lending.

Author: 0 Upbeat EU calls Britain to order in Brexit talks

Brexit talks had been expected to begin in Brussels next week but May's loss of her parliamentary majority in a snap general election one week ago raised doubts about the date. "It will take us several months to draw out the conditions of an orderly let's not waste time", he said. Among these was whether Britain's position would "be the same as in the letter of March 29" when May triggered the two-year Brexit countdown.

Author: 0 German reunification architect Helmut Kohl dies at 87

Germany in particular faced the challenge of engaging with a formerly dictatorial, Soviet-backed East and welding it to a prosperous West that drew its support from Washington and its Western allies. Together with his French ally President Francois Mitterrand, he was responsible for the introduction of the Euro. During his term in office, the Berlin Wall fell and the German reunification was completed peacefully after over four decades of division.

Author: 0 Qatar says blockade by Arab states is collective punishment

Simmering tensions between the USA partners boiled over this month when Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, along with Egypt, severed ties with Qatar over its alleged support for extremism. Pakistan, however, has mostly kept quiet. Saudi Arabia's ally, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is the second biggest importer of USA weapons in the region, according to data provide by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Medical No longer the hot new thing? Teen vaping falls, study says
Author: 0 No longer the hot new thing? Teen vaping falls, study says

E-cigarette use among youth dropped for the first time in six years, driving a significant decrease in overall tobacco consumption among middle and high school students, according to a survey published Thursday. The latest data showed no decline in cigarette use among middle school students, where the rate was 2.2 percent in 2016 and 2.3 percent in 2015. "This is unimaginable, extraordinary progress", said Matthew Myers, president of the nonprofit Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, noting that ...

Medical Study claims French Fries might be killers!
Author: 0 Study claims French Fries might be killers!

There's a retort to be had, though - notably from National Potato Council CEO John Keeling, who is surely not biased at all. Eating normal potatoes wasn't tied to any greater likelihood of demise, they note . Trans-fat leads to LDL, cholesterol in the blood, and cardiovascular disease. Veronese added that other important factors such as obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and consumption of high quantities of salt might also play a role in the early mortality of those who eat two or more ...

Medical Militants target police party in J&K, one dead
Author: 0 Militants target police party in J&K, one dead

Constable Shabir Ahmad was shot outside his residence at Bogund in Kulgam, a police official said. He sustained critical bullet injuries and was rushed to hospital, where he was declared brought dead, he said. Earlier in the day, police and forces have launched fresh search operations in the area to eliminate looming threats after blurry reports of four armed persons reported in Samba along the Jammu-Pathankot national highway.

Medical New 'real sun-tan' drug may help prevent cancer
Author: 0 New 'real sun-tan' drug may help prevent cancer

And under the microscope, it observed that the treated samples showed the eumelanin pigment had been produced and deposited near the skin surface. "The way we went about this was to identify an ingredient that has the ability to target something in our skin which normally inhibits pigment production".

Medical BP and Reliance Industries to Progress and Expand Partnership
Author: 0 BP and Reliance Industries to Progress and Expand Partnership

Ambani said the companies plan to deliver "higher value, low price" solutions to customers and India will be the first market to experience the outcome of the projects. The latest arbitration is against government demanding $1.55 billion compensation from RIL and its partners for "unfairly" producing ONGC's gas. BP and Reliance, which are resuscitating their partnership after coming together in 2011, have been encouraged by several government reforms, including the freedom to price and ...

Medical Petrol pumps call off strike
Author: 0 Petrol pumps call off strike

Earlier in the day, Delhi Petrol Dealers Association chose to join the call given by the Federation of All India Petroleum Traders (FAIPT) for "no-purchase-no-sale" day on 16 June, saying the state-owned fuel retailers have "jumped into" the decision without checking the ground reality about automation system of pump.