IT Life is Strange Before the Storm: Chloe and Rachel's next adventures REVEALED
Author: 0 Life is Strange Before the Storm: Chloe and Rachel's next adventures REVEALED

Unfortunately, there is no word on a version being put together for the Nintendo Switch, although a new announcement could be unveiled at a later date. And when Rachel's world is turned upside down by a family secret it takes the two and their newly formed alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their personal demons.

IT Apple has rolled out massive update for its users
Author: 0 Apple has rolled out massive update for its users

We all know how unsafe texting, or using your phone in general , while driving can be, but it doesn't stop people from thinking they can get away with it. This may make the proposition more confusing if you've been considering something light like an MacBook Air (which hasn't been updated in years ) against the tablet .

Author: 0 Meet the new awesome Apple HomePod

Siri can also handle advanced searches within the music library, allowing users to ask questions such as " Hey Siri , who's the drummer in this?" or create a shared Up Next queue with everyone in the home . Once HomePod becomes a hub for HomeKit apps, things may change. Just keep in mind Apple hasn't released the HomePod yet, so the final product may have more to offer.

Author: 0 Google poaches key Apple engineer to lead mobile chip development for Pixel

Gulati's LinkedIn profile says he's now Google's "lead SOC architect". The Pixel devices may not be the best performing devices in the Android world in every metric, but they stood their ground against the competition of their time. The Google Pixel .Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderIn a sign that it may consider building custom chips for its growing lineup of hardware devices, Google has poached an employee from Apple's chip-making division.

IT Apple allows users to tip content creators
Author: 0 Apple allows users to tip content creators

Apple's decision legitimizes tipping and shows that the company is trying to make monetization easier on both customers and app developers. " Pepe Scream ", developed by Spirit Realm Games , is a kind of " Flappy Bird " game in which users control Pepe by screaming into the phone.

IT Monster Hunter World coming to PS4, XB1, and PC
Author: 0 Monster Hunter World coming to PS4, XB1, and PC

The only exception being a PC release which will come at a later date, which Capcom didn't mention a time frame for. The original " Monster Hunter " title was released back in 2004 for the PlayStation 2. Monster Hunter World is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A PC version will follow. As opposed, the recently announced Monster Hunter XX port for Nintendo Switch is being developed by the "B" team of the series, responsible for the spin-offs.

Author: 0 Days Gone Details Released At E3 2017; Includes Gameplay Trailer

Basically, think The Walking Dead or The Last of Us , but with a lot more freedom. The environment is immensely detailed and we get to see the protagonist using it to his advantage. The trailer ends with Deacon spotting what seems to be an infected bear as he and his companions slowly back away. Days gone is now in development for the PlayStation 4 , however no release date has been announced yet.

Author: 0 PS4's Spider-Man Looks Like A Rush, Out In 2018

Sony's annual E3 showcase is usually one of the biggest draws of the entire conference; a cavalcade of games, developers and speakers highlighting the year ahead for the PlayStation platforms. Destiny 2 A brand new trailer was revealed for Destiny 2 , spending a lot of time showcasing the new villain, Ghaul. Microsoft, Bethesda, and Ubisoft all staged their presentations around games with tangible, narrow release windows.

IT New Apple iOS 11 will end support for iPhone 5 and 5c
Author: 0 New Apple iOS 11 will end support for iPhone 5 and 5c

To access your software update page, simply choose Settings General Software Update . IOS 11 has brought along a host of new features , some targeted to exclusively elevate iPad experience, and some focused on improving both - the iPhone and iPad .

Author: 0 New Spider-Man: Homecoming Featurette Looks At Tony Stark's Role

What do you guys think of this billboard? The video covers a number of different sections of the film, from the cast to the story, and while it's not exactly a Criterion Collection deep dive, there's plenty of new footage to be found and most of the major cast members and filmmakers offer some interesting insight into what fans can expect from the movie.

Author: 0 Apple limiting how many review pop-ups apps can show

That's a huge convenience that may well get a lot more people to leave ratings. Apple is now enforcing its official method as the only way for an app to request feedback. As Rover's John Coombs explains , right now app developers can basically require you to give complete location permissions, lest the app do nothing at all.

Author: 0 Amazon executive says he's open to Siri on Amazon Echo

Siri is definitely not as sophisticated as Alexa, which allows the user many more functionalities such as ordering a pizza from Dominos. Amazon Echo the market leader. Secondly, it suffers from the same compatibility issues as any other Apple product: it only plays Apple Music . In the end, the key difference is the music angle Apple is playing.

IT Opel CEO Neumann resigns, CFO Lohscheller to succeed
Author: 0 Opel CEO Neumann resigns, CFO Lohscheller to succeed

Karl-Thomas Neumann has stepped down as the Speaker of the Management Board and CEO of Adam Opel GmbH today. "The decision to appoint the current CFO and member of the management board Michael Lohscheller as the new CEO is explicitly supported by us".

Author: 0 Radical Porsche 911 GT2 RS breaks cover at E3

Nonetheless, Forza Motorsport 7 for the Xbox Scorpio should come as no surprise. Check out the first gameplay for Forza Motorsport 7 above and be amazed at its sheer visual beauty. It's clear Turn 10 has put a lot of effort into making the game's vistas visually impressive. It's the most technically advanced, and comprehensive racing game ever made.

IT Amazon Prime Video coming to Apple TV
Author: 0 Amazon Prime Video coming to Apple TV

The desktop starts with an 8-core Intel Xeon processor, but can be beefed up to 18-core, as well as up to 128GB of EEC RAM, 4TB of SSD storage and Radeon Vega discrete graphics cards with up to 16GB of memory. Look for more augmented reality in the next version of IOS. Furthermore, there won't be as many difficulties for users watching TV shows and movies that they may have faced previously.

Author: 0 GE CEO Immelt stepping down, Flannery to take over role

In the 1990s, he was a leader in the corporate restructuring and workout group. He increased organic revenue by 5 percent and margins by 100 bps in 2016. Mr. Immelt had told people close to him for years that he didn't want to repeat the divisive and protracted succession process that put him in the top job when he took over from Mr.

Author: 0 Uber set for changes after board reviews report on workplace culture

All of this may finally be catching up with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick . The executive told Buzzfeed in November that Uber was considering digging into reporters' personal lives and families to stem negative coverage of the company. Among the recommendations was that Michael , who joined the company in 2013, depart. As part of the revamping at Uber, Nestle executive Wan Ling Martello was named as an independent board member, according to a source close to the company.

Author: 0 Behind The Scenes of Assassins Creed Origins

Players can expect to navigate the waters with their ship, uncover lost tombs, explore the Great Pyramids, and learn about mummies, the gods, and the lost pharaohs. "From deserts to lush oases, from the Mediterranean Sea to the tombs of Giza, fight your way against risky factions and wild beasts as you explore this huge and unpredictable land", reads a Ubisoft post.

IT Super Lucky's Tale Announced For Xbox One Launch
Author: 0 Super Lucky's Tale Announced For Xbox One Launch

When Tom reviewed the Oculus Rift launch platformer Lucky's Tale a year ago, he wrote "Playful built the core of a great game and put a beautifully presented world around it, proving that 3D platformers can thrive in VR-but then seemed to stop, reusing enemies and level elements to a fault".