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Author: 0 India, Portugal to cooperate on startups, oceanography

Today, almost four million Indian Americans are in the United States, and more than 166,000 Indian students are studying in the USA, contributing Dollars 5 billion in economic activity and supporting an estimated 64,000 American jobs, the official said .

Global Media Two terrorists holed up inside DPS, Sec 144 imposed
Author: 0 Two terrorists holed up inside DPS, Sec 144 imposed

The police sources here, however, said that the militants may have escaped as it took the security forces 30-35 minutes to lay dragnet around the campus. In a statement, LeT spokesman Abdullah Ghazanavi claimed responsibility for the attack. Reinforcements have been rushed to the area, an official said.

Author: 0 Britain's Labour leader Corbyn overtakes PM May in YouGov poll

Theresa May and the Tories are now weakened and divided. "When this was put to the Prime Minister she said that there are "complex reasons" for people having to use foodbanks". And he added: "Although we did not win it was a real advance for Labour's success, for working people". They believed that Jeremy would lead us to annihilation; they believed, most of them, that nobody with a majority under 5,000 had a chance of coming back, and it was very sad in those final days and hours.

Author: 0 Rep. Steve Scalise Out Of Intensive Care

Lobbyist Matt Mika , who was shot in the chest, has also been transferred out of the ICU and is in good condition, according to local media outlets. "Here's a Republican that should lose his job, but they gave him a raise", Hodgkinson purportedly wrote at the time, referring to the Louisiana congressman.

Author: 0 Australia to resume air combat missions over Syria

F-15 fighter jet around 12:30 a.m. local time. The incident took place after a series of clashes between pro-regime troops and the US-backed anti-ISIS group, the Syrian Democratic Forces , near the SDF-held town of Ja'Din, just south of Tabqah, Syria .

Global Media New Zealand wins 5th straight vs Oracle in America's Cup
Author: 0 New Zealand wins 5th straight vs Oracle in America's Cup

Listen live to sailing guru Peter Montgomery's call of the Team NZ race on Newstalk ZB or Radio Sport, and join us for live blog coverage - and all the news that follows - to stay up to speed with what's happening on and off the water. The Kiwis lead 3-0 in the first-to-seven match. However, Oracle Team USA's new-found speed paid dividends on leg 5/7 as they cut the gap to their rivals and engaged in close-quarter racing.

Global Media White police officer shoots an off-duty black officer in the USA
Author: 0 White police officer shoots an off-duty black officer in the USA

He questioned the white officer's account, according to police, that he shot the off-duty officer because he feared for his safety. Officers late Wednesday were chasing three men in a white sedan when the stolen vehicle crashed, forcing its occupants to flee and sparking a shootout with police, The St.

Author: 0 Angry Dems turn against leaders after House election losses

The Democratic Party is 0 for 5 in special elections to fill seats vacated by President Trump's appointments. Democratic leaders said there are at least 70 other districts that will be easier terrain for them than the one in Georgia after post-census gerrymandering in GOP-led states created so many heavily Republican districts.

Global Media Senate Health Care Bill Could Be In Jeopardy As Conservatives Announce Opposition
Author: 0 Senate Health Care Bill Could Be In Jeopardy As Conservatives Announce Opposition

Four conservative senators have voiced their opposition but say they're willing to talk: Ted Cruz of Texas; Mike Lee of Utah; Ron Johnson of Wisconsin; and Rand Paul of Kentucky. "We're pleasantly surprised with a lot of the support that's already come out and I think we'll continue to work through (it, ) in particular the four individuals who have expressed some ideas and concerns", White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters at a White House briefing.

Author: 0 Gergen: Special election victories show Trump could beat Dems in 2020

The leadership of the House Democratic Caucus tried to put the best face on Tuesday's special election losses in Georgia and SC by saying they're making progress, and the GOP victories were much more narrow than in the past. The president wrote Thursday: "I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out. That would be very bad for the Republican Party - and please let Cryin' Chuck stay!" Trump himself, appeared to poke fun at the infighting Thursday.

Author: 0 Australia to resume airstrikes against IS targets soon

On Tuesday, the ADF said it was suspending operations after Russian Federation warned members of the US-led coalition that any aircraft found west of the Euphrates River would be considered a "target" after an American F/A-18 Super Hornet shot down a Syrian SU-22 on Sunday, reports Xinhua news agency.

Author: 0 Iran's top leader says U.S. should not enter Iraq "under any pretext"

Army Col. Ryan Dillon told reporters at the Pentagon Friday that the US goal is to defeat IS wherever it exists. He pointed out that despite the attack targeting militant groups that Iran blames for the Tehran attacks, Israel "is the main enemy" of Iran , and now Israel "has to worry about [its actions]".

Global Media Wounded Rep. Steve Scalise out of intensive care
Author: 0 Wounded Rep. Steve Scalise out of intensive care

The Louisiana Republican, shot in the hip, is listed in " fair condition" at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and is no longer in intensive care, the hospital said Friday. Hodgkinson did not have any ties to terrorism. Ryan made the comments to reporters Wednesday morning. Hodgkinson was killed by police after he shot four people at a congressional baseball game.

Author: 0 Governors wary of Medicaid cost shift in Senate health bill

And like the House bill, it would pay for those cuts by dramatically reducing federal money for Medicaid, likely forcing states to make deep cuts in their health care programs for the poor. "And we'll see if we can take care of that", Trump said in an interview with Fox News that aired on Friday, calling the group of conservative lawmakers "four very good people".

Global Media Second day at the Paris Air Show
Author: 0 Second day at the Paris Air Show

The airline's senior vice president Garry Laderman said that the Max 10 had the best economics of the family. "It is clear that our customers, in both commercial and government sectors, are searching for more efficient ways to keep their fleets operating and ready for use in an age of rapid technological advancement", Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Global services, said in a statement.

Author: 0 North Korea tests rocket engine, possibly for ICBM

The U.S. government source believes the rocket engine could propel an ICBM over 55-hundred kilometers and that the objective of the engine is to target the U.S. South Korean officials did not have details about the reported test and declined to comment on the possible nature of the engine. The United States has tried for years to discourage South Korea from developing longer-range ballistic missiles in keeping with the Missile Technology Control Regime, a voluntary global arms-control pact.

Global Media Trump's Legal Plan Built in His Image: Fight, Fight, Fight
Author: 0 Trump's Legal Plan Built in His Image: Fight, Fight, Fight

Jay Sekulow , told " Meet the Press " moderator Chuck Todd "The president is not under investigation by the special counsel". On Sunday, however, a member of his legal team, Jay Sekulow , largely denied that, sparking a tense exchange with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace.

Global Media Pelosi tries to reassure Dems after Georgia loss
Author: 0 Pelosi tries to reassure Dems after Georgia loss

In 2016, Tom Price won the 6th District by almost 24 points. In fact, in all four special elections - including a surprisingly close race in SC also on Tuesday - Democrats outperformed Hillary Clinton in 2016, and they really only tried hard in one of them ( Georgia ).