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Author: 0 Portugal fire survivors describe their escape: 'This is the end'

President Marcelo Rebelo went to the Leiria region to meet families of the victims, saying he was " sharing their pain in the name of all the Portuguese people". Image Below: A woman is attended by Red Cross workers outside a relief centre for people affected by a forest fire in Figueiro dos Vinhos, Portugal , June 19, 2017.

Author: 0 Global Forcible Displacement at Unprecedented High

Syria's six-year civil war remained the largest single cause of displacement, with 12 million people - around two-thirds of the population - either uprooted within the country or fleeing overseas, the group said. Syria and South Sudan were far from the only countries where people were uprooted en masse, with Monday's report also pointing to large-scale displacements in Afghanistan , Iraq and Sudan, just to name a few.

Author: 0 Trump punches back, accuses Comey of lying to Congress

Trump also refused to solve the mystery of whether he has tapes of his one-on-one conversations with Comey. Comey testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which is investigating whether Trump's campaign worked with Russian Federation to influence the election and if there have been efforts to cover up such crimes and foreign meddling in the America's democracy.

Author: 0 French see no one to counter Macron, set to sweep parliament

Across France , however, turnout was low and three pollsters projected it would remain below 50 per cent. He has already left an impression around the world, in particular for standing up to USA leader Donald Trump on issues like climate change .

Global Media President Trump thinks of putting solar panels on the Mexican border
Author: 0 President Trump thinks of putting solar panels on the Mexican border

Trump was quick to point out that he came up with the idea. "Solar wall", Trump continued. He has claimed Mexico will pay for the wall even though it has dismissed the idea. They also said that the sales of that electricity would cover the cost of building the wall "in 20 years or less". "[But] I do wish we would have a little more help on North Korea".

Global Media Trump eases Qatar critique, offers to mediate Gulf spat
Author: 0 Trump eases Qatar critique, offers to mediate Gulf spat

He later told France 24 television that any further steps could take the form of "a sort of embargo on Qatar". Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates , Egypt , Bahrain , Libya and the Maldives have severed diplomatic relations with Qatar and indicated that they plan to cut air and sea traffic with Qatar.

Global Media Mourners gather for funeral of student detained in N Korea
Author: 0 Mourners gather for funeral of student detained in N Korea

As a nation, we really need to put the screws on North Korea with every imaginable sanction worthy of the psychotic despots who head that government. Mr Warmbier's parents, from OH, did not cite a specific cause of death, but cited "awful, torturous mistreatment" by North Korea. A USA official said on Tuesday that spy satellites had detected new movements at North Korea's nuclear test site, but it was unclear if Pyongyang was preparing for a sixth nuclear test.

Global Media US says it shot down Iranian-made drone in Syria
Author: 0 US says it shot down Iranian-made drone in Syria

It was not known what was hit and Iran provided no details. Iran's Revolutionary Guard described the strike as revenge for Islamic State attacks on Tehran earlier this month that killed at least 18 people and wounded more than 50. While government troops may be far from in control of that area and are unlikely to go after the city of Raqqa, Syria expert Sam Heller of the Century Foundation said the forces "have done enough to insert themselves that they're now a fact on the ground".

Global Media Tusk holds out hope that Brexit can be reversed
Author: 0 Tusk holds out hope that Brexit can be reversed

Tusk has made the comments a few hours before a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May . In their June 2016 referendum, the majority of the British citizens voted in favor of Brexit (51.9% to 48.1%). The European leaders did not engage in a negotiation with Mrs May over the issue at the dinner. "We're ready to form, obviously, a minority government if this government collapses and it may well", Corbyn said, while raising the possibility of a fresh election if ...

Global Media US Navy's Missile Intercept Test Fails
Author: 0 US Navy's Missile Intercept Test Fails

Missile Defense Agency and the Japanese Defense Ministry. "Program officials will conduct an extensive analysis of the test data", a news release for the US Missile Defence Agency said on Thursday. A land-based Aegis system went operational in Romania in 2016 and another is planned to go online in Poland in 2018. The SM-3 Block IIA is the latest development of the Standard Missile ballistic missile defense series.

Author: 0 Number of global displaced up to 65.6 million past year

This adds up to an enormous human cost of war and persecution globally: 65.6 million means that on average one in every 113 people worldwide is today someone who is displaced - a population bigger than that of the world's 21 most populous country, the United Kingdom.

Author: 0 Republicans release details of Senate plan to overhaul Obamacare

That might take some time and compromise between Democrats and Republicans. With Republicans holding 52 seats in the Senate and no Democrats expected to support the legislation, GOP leaders can only afford to lose two votes among their own ranks.

Global Media Seven GIs among eight wounded in Afghanistan shooting
Author: 0 Seven GIs among eight wounded in Afghanistan shooting

A member of an elite Afghan commando unit opened fire on USA -led coalition troops at an Afghan base in the northern city of Mazar-e Sharif, wounding seven US service personnel and at least one Afghan soldier, military officials say. The diverse locations of the two most recent insider attacks shows the depth of reach now available to insurgents, with one attack taking place in eastern Nangarhar province and the second in northern Afghanistan's Balkh province.

Global Media Los Angeles County deputies fatally shoot male suspect
Author: 0 Los Angeles County deputies fatally shoot male suspect

When deputies arrived, an aggressive pit bull charged from the darkness and bit one of them in the knee. The wounded animal then scuttled back to a carport area and deputies followed it to try and corral the dog. Capt. Christopher Bergner of the sheriff's office said it appeared that the "skip round" that hit the teenager had ricocheted off the ground, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Global Media Opposition MLAs physically removed from House
Author: 0 Opposition MLAs physically removed from House

Singh's orders. In the melee, turbans of some of the opposition members also got came off. "We will submit a formal complaint against him with the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, besides launching a movement to force him to quit", Badal said.

Global Media EU leaders to weigh terrorism, defense ties, migration
Author: 0 EU leaders to weigh terrorism, defense ties, migration

Attending her first European Council Summit since her disastrous general election, it is understood the Prime Minister will explain the UK's "principles" on the issue of citizens' rights - a key early topic in the Brexit negotiations. Under Mrs May's plans, unveiled on the eve of the anniversary of the Brexit referendum, European Union nationals who have lived in the United Kingdom for five years by a specific cut-off date will be given the chance to take up "settled status", granting them ...

Author: 0 Latino Man Kills Muslim Teen Nabra Hassanen in Virginia

The victim's father, Mahmoud Hassanen , disagreed with police, saying the crime was motivating by his daughter's religion. They believe Torres got frustrated after getting in an argument with one of the 15 teenagers who were walking and riding their bikes in that location.

Author: 0 London Bridge attackers 'may have planned siege'

In France, Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said the man who attacked a policeman with a hammer outside Notre Dame Cathedral was a self-radicalized loner with a deep interest in Daesh (ISIS) propaganda. "Obviously we will be reviewing, for example, the number of armed officers we have and how they work, and a whole host of other things that are likely, from my point of view, to take more resources, and I will be asking for them".

Author: 0 The Drug Policy Alliance Statement On The Acquittal Of Officer Yanez

Following the verdict, peaceful protests were held throughout the weekend in St. Paul, Minneapolis and St. Anthony. After the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing, protesters took to the streets demanding justice for minorities, shouting "stand up, fight back".

Global Media China: Activists rescue 1000 dogs, cats ahead of Yulin festival
Author: 0 China: Activists rescue 1000 dogs, cats ahead of Yulin festival

The foundation on Sunday in Los Angeles will hold the second annual World Dog Day event, which includes a moment of silence for the canines killed in the festival. The dog meat is then sold on as satay sticks to unsuspecting tourists in restaurants, food stalls and on Balinese beaches. Activists on the ground in Yulin said a " significant decrease " in the amount of dog meat was on sale, and some traders said they had stopped buying dosg, according to Humane Society International (HSI).