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Author: 0 Qatar Airways profits $540 million, braces for Gulf crisis

Qatar Airways has been hit hard by the dispute, with 18 destinations now out of bounds for the airline. Qatar has also accused Saudi Arabia of backing the militant group. Ankara is now in efforts to ease the embargo on Qatar and to end the crisis before Eid al-fitr, the sources said. Qatar announced it had launched direct shipping services to ports in Oman , a move that bypasses a Gulf " blockade ".

Author: 0 Sessions' testimony to Congress Tuesday to be open to public

The public testimony Tuesday before the Senate intelligence committee should yield Sessions' most extensive comments to date on questions that have dogged his entire tenure as attorney general and that led him three months ago to step aside from the Russian Federation probe.

Author: 0 Trump's attorney general to face Russian Federation questions

The attorney general may also face questions on that. Trump said to reporters on Friday: "I'm not hinting anything". Sessions recused himself from that inquiry in March after media reports that he had been in two previously undisclosed meetings previous year with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

Author: 0 Attorney General Sessions' testimony to Senate panel will be public

Why this is a big deal: Sessions is a Trump ally, and he appears to be caught between the president and his promise to run the Justice Department in an apolitical way. Sessions' testimony is scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. A day after The Washington Post reported that, Sessions recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation.

Author: 0 Irish PM expresses concern over May's proposed DUP deal

With Brexit talks set to begin in less than two weeks, and the political landscape its most divided in years, May will need all the support she can muster from her new partner. The DUP is firmly against bringing abortion rights to the territory, even for rape victims. "But it will be the people of the North who will have to pay the price for the DUP's support for Brexit and for cuts", she said.

Global Media Former Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega Dead At 83
Author: 0 Former Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega Dead At 83

The notorious politician and military officer passed around 11 p.m. Monday, at Santo Tomás Hospital in Panama City, according to the New York Times . Noriega was also facing prosecution for the disappearance of political opponent Heliodoro Portugal, whose remains were found shortly after Noriega's ouster by a US invasion in December 1989.

Global Media Britain's PM May to face party lawmakers after election disaster
Author: 0 Britain's PM May to face party lawmakers after election disaster

Mrs Foster branded some of the commentary and analysis about her party as "inaccurate and misleading". The part Mr Timothy and Ms Hill played in the General Election has been severely criticised by disgruntled Tories. "It is time to stop trying to cling to power and time to admit enough is enough", said Mr Farron, who branded the possible Tory-DUP deal as a "MayDUP government".

Author: 0 India Maharashtra farmers end protest after loan waiver

The Chief Minister in his tweeter message said that the state government had agreed to the loan waiver for farmers. "I have already made the position clear". In fact, implementation of the MS Swaminathan Commission's report on the agrarian crisis, which suggested giving as remuneration cost of production plus 50 per cent to poor and deprived farmers, was in the 2014 BJP manifesto, but nothing has been done so far.

Author: 0 Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines to join forces vs militants

Mr Duterte said he had "never approached America" for help and was "not aware of that until they arrived", when he was asked about USA support to fight the pro-ISIS militants in Marawi City , on the island of Mindanao. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law on the island to help combat the militants. The AFP confirmed getting technical assistance from the US.

Author: 0 Quota activist Hardik Patel detained on way to Mandsaur

Farmer leaders, however, put the number of deaths at eight. Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan , who relies heavily on support from farmers to win him a fourth term in elections due next year, has promised a dialogue but not committed to a full farm loan waiver.

Global Media White House to stop taking questions related to Russian Federation probe
Author: 0 White House to stop taking questions related to Russian Federation probe

Trump tweeted Tuesday: "Russian officials must be laughing at the US & how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake News". More attorneys with deep experience in Washington investigations are expected to be added, along with crisis communication experts, to help the White House in the weeks ahead.

Author: 0 We can't just have a Tory Brexit, Davidson tells May

The Scottish Conservative leader was in Downing Street as Ms Sturgeon met her much reduced group of 35 MPs outside the Houses of Parliament. The Times claims that Theresa May is poised to bring to a close seven years of austerity after Tory MPs warned that they would refuse to vote for further cuts.

Author: 0 Brexit talks may not start on time

May faced Conservative party lawmakers at a meeting of its 1922 Committee . He said the current process - which involves the United Kingdom and Irish governments chairing elements of the negotiations and the head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service moderating other discussions - is the "right approach".

Global Media Bharara 'Absolutely' Sees Enough Evidence for Case Against Trump
Author: 0 Bharara 'Absolutely' Sees Enough Evidence for Case Against Trump

It was a sign of escalating fallout from riveting testimony from Comey last week of undue pressure from Trump , which drew an angry response from the president on Friday that Comey was lying. The volleys came during an unusually quiet weekend for Trump . Postscript: Whenever the subject comes up, Republicans are quick to note that the broader dynamic isn't necessarily unusual: new presidents replace USA attorneys with their own slate of federal prosecutors, and this has happened many ...

Author: 0 North Korea test-fires four anti-ship missiles

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is suspending the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system. While most North Korean drones are unsophisticated and can be eliminated with surface-to-air missiles, the South is also believed to be developing directed energy (laser) weapons to destroy unmanned systems, as drones have the potential to be used for far more nefarious purposes than spying.

Global Media Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj ends his fast
Author: 0 Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj ends his fast

He also thanked his supporters who accompanied him at Bhopal's Dussehra Maidan . Surprisingly, what CM is doing by fasting? The Chief Minister said "Kisan Bazaars" would be set up in all municipal areas. In his address, Chouhan said, "It is okay to protest if the government doesn't listen". The farmers in Madhya Pradesh have been on strike since June 1 to press their demand for loan waivers and fair price for their produce.

Author: 0 '100 per cent' willing to testify over Comey conversations

President Donald Trump on Friday accused James Comey of lying to Congress about the contents of their private meetings in the weeks before he sacked the Federal Bureau of Investigation chief - and said he'd be willing to testify under oath about it.

Author: 0 Puerto Rico votes for statehood in nonbinding, low-turnout election

The unemployment rate is 11.5% (compared to just 4.3% for the US overall). But other parties such as the Popular Democratic Party and the Puerto Rican Independence Party have supported the choice of continuing with the current territory status or of complete independence respectively.