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Global Media Can you commit manslaughter by sending texts? We're about to find out
Author: 0 Can you commit manslaughter by sending texts? We're about to find out

The text , shown in court today, referred to the death of Conrad Roy III, who was found dead in his truck on July 13, 2014. MA doesn't technically have a law against encouraging someone else's suicide, hence the manslaughter charge. She told him in another message: "You're finally going to be happy in heaven". Three days before Roy's death , Carter allegedly told her friends Roy had gone missing and later that he had killed himself - even though Roy was alive and she was still ...

Author: 0 Saudi Arabia and Bahrain welcome Donald Trump's scolding of Qatar

Trump has aligned himself closely with Saudi Arabia and an allied bloc of Arab countries since taking office. Mr Trump said he wanted Qatar "back among the unity of nations". The country called the allegations "baseless". He also thanked Saudi Arabia and King Salman for participating in the summit. In stressing the need to take action against Qatar, Trump appeared to undercut Tillerson, who had called on Qatar's neighbors to immediately ease their blockade.

Global Media Car hits pedestrians near Amsterdam station in accident, two hurt
Author: 0 Car hits pedestrians near Amsterdam station in accident, two hurt

Two of the wounded were transported to hospital and three people were treated on the spot, according to reports. Eight people were wounded, with two critically injured. The station was remained open for the passenger following the incident, just the entrance near the site of the crash was closed. The driver in question had been parked illegally at the station.

Author: 0 Iran kills mastermind behind Tehran attacks, arrests more

Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria are helping battle the Islamic State. Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Friday that terrorist attacks would only increase Tehran's hatred against the U.S. across the Kingdom". Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a tweet on Thursday called the White House comments "repugnant" and accused the USA of supporting terror.

Author: 0 Kellyanne Conway's Husband Rips Into Trump's Travel Ban On Twitter

They also note the government had not ask the Supreme Court to intervene earlier, when lower courts denied emergency applications seeking to lift the injunctions against the travel curbs. "We don't need the help but will take it!" attorney Neal Kaytal wrote on Twitter. In one instance, he leveled an inaccurate criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, saying the mayor was telling people there was "no reason to be alarmed" about the attack.

Author: 0 House Republicans Quietly Gut Dodd-Frank Protections

Rep. Jeb Hensarling , the Republican from Texas, chair of the House Financial Services panel and author of the legislation, said Dodd-Frank is a major factor in limiting GDP growth in the wake of the financial crisis. More than 1,900 community financial institutions have disappeared since Dodd-Frank was signed into law. While the political class and the media were entertaining themselves with the Comey Senate hearings, the House Republicans passed legislation that will gut the ...

Author: 0 Defiant May vows to stay on despite United Kingdom election blow

The result, a "hung Parliament," means May needs to craft a deal with another party to remain in power. At that point, polls predicted she would massively increase the slim majority she had inherited from Cameron. If anyone's leadership is less certain than May's, it may be Foster's. If there's a silver lining for the Conservatives it can be found in Scotland, where the Scottish National Party suffered a humiliation equal to May's.

Global Media British police arrest man in London Bridge attack investigation
Author: 0 British police arrest man in London Bridge attack investigation

Meanwhile, the Spanish government has confirmed that Ignacio Echeverría, 39, was killed in Saturday's attack . About 50 others were wounded. Reuters/Hannah McKayISIS has claimed the attack on London Bridge last Saturday. Authorities said he aroused suspicion because he tried to board a flight to Turkey with a one-way ticket and a small backpack. Repubblica said when he landed in January at Stansted after a 10-day visit in Bologna, his name was verified in the SIS system but he was ...

Author: 0 May to form government with DUP backing

With no clear victor emerging from Thursday's election, a wounded May has signalled she would fight on. The DUP and Sinn Fein , the two largest parties in Northern Ireland , are due to resume talks on Monday to form a regional government after power-sharing collapsed in acrimony in January.

Author: 0 British PM May fights for survival ahead of Brexit talks

She led the party to an astonishing result in Scotland, winning an extra 12 seats in Thursday's election. And almost 24 hours after polls closed across Britain, the UK Labour Party finally took the central London seat of Kensington after three recounts, meaning the final tally remained at 318 seats for the Conservatives and 262 for Labour.

Global Media 8 suspected of backing Tehran attacks held
Author: 0 8 suspected of backing Tehran attacks held

The Sunni jihadists of IS consider Shiite Iranians to be apostates, and Tehran is deeply involved in fighting the group in both Syria and Iraq. The lights will go dark on the Eiffel Tower tonight as a tribute to the victims of Wednesday's terrorist attack in Tehran .

Global Media French parliamentary elections looked to provide Macron's new party boost
Author: 0 French parliamentary elections looked to provide Macron's new party boost

REM reflects the president's desire for a new brand of politics. If LREM fails to win a majority, Macron will have to strike deals to push through his manifesto commitments. Macron's party has brushed off the accusations against Ferrand as unfounded. The probe threatens to cast a shadow over the first round of a parliamentary election on Sunday, though it and other misconduct allegations appear not to have hurt Macron's Republic on the Move (LREM).

Global Media Project Scorpio might be the Xbox's final form: a Windows PC
Author: 0 Project Scorpio might be the Xbox's final form: a Windows PC

The other detail spotted among the Project Scorpio's E3 2017 teasers trailers is the text alongside the shot with the Ferris wheel. E3 is right around the corner, and it won't be long now until the major players in the gaming industry will try to wow their audiences with what they have in the pipeline.

Global Media Why can't the Afghan government protect Kabul?
Author: 0 Why can't the Afghan government protect Kabul?

However, "some bodies will probably never be found, they were torn to pieces", he said, adding that some of them were hardly identifiable. He also suggested that the German embassy might not have been the target of the blast , which sent towering clouds of black smoke into the sky near the presidential palace.

Author: 0 McCain says his confusing questions resulted from tiredness

John McCain raised eyebrows Thursday with a string of questions during James Comey's hearing that many observers found confusing - and downright freaky. "I think the American people have a whole lot of questions", McCain followed up. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) asked, "You also mentioned you had [meetings] ...

Author: 0 Iran arrests 8 suspected of supporting Tehran attacks

During a speech that was planned before the attack on June 7, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressed the attacks and linked them to Iran's support for the governments of Iraq and Syria in their fights against IS.

Global Media Iran supreme leader: Attacks fuel hatred toward US, Saudis
Author: 0 Iran supreme leader: Attacks fuel hatred toward US, Saudis

On Friday, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that recent terrorist attacks in Iran will result in hatred towards the United States and Saudi Arabia . President Trump had earlier said, "We grieve and pray for the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran , and for the Iranian people who are going through such challenging times".

Global Media British Prime Minister Theresa May's Top 2 Aides Quit
Author: 0 British Prime Minister Theresa May's Top 2 Aides Quit

The DUP agreed to supporting to the government on a "confidence and supply" basis, which would involve it supporting a Conservative minority government on key votes in parliament but not forming a formal coalition partnership. The DUP said the election outcome had bolstered the union, but Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said the collapse of Northern Ireland's middle-ground parties had made a referendum on Irish unity inevitable.