Facebook launches voice posts, two other features from India


Interestingly, Facebook will allow people to share your Voice Posts much like they would a story or a post on News Feed. There is now no limit for a voice post that is shared to News Feed, but the recording time is restricted by the local storage on the user's device. Voice posts give people a new medium through which to express themselves. Besides making Stories more appealing to those who don't have much storage to spare, it also makes it easier for people who share devices with family members, according to Facebook. Hayes revealed that where Audio Stories is concerned, Facebook has got its learnings from WhatsApp, which has an Audio Messages feature that is quite popular in India.

Though the waving of the phone could not be avoided, this new feature will certainly reduce the time of waiting before you can actually start to enjoy your meal.

Nearly as an afterthought, Facebook is also adding voice posts, which allows the camera-shy to make fun updates without having to put on makeup first. Hayes told reporters that his team has also added several stickers representing different Indian cities. However, the recording time is restricted by the local storage available on the device. This option will be available by using the app's built-in camera. There is no word on its availability on iOS.

Facebook's new features will begin rolling out in India first, as indicated by the focus on data and storage light features.

Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India

It'll automatically save your clips after they expire so that you can view them whenever or choose to re-share them. We can only assume that we are going to see a lot of bathroom singers.

The social network has also said that an archive feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks which will let users save the Facebook Stories they want to preserve.

You'll need to tap the Archive button (looks like a small clock) that is located in the Stories section above your News Feed. There's a different template, "Top Story", for publishers' news content. You can still find it in your Stories Archive if you have Archive turned on. With the archive, users will be able to relive their memories and re-share them as well if they wish to do so.

Hayes didn't provide any specific timeline for the availability of the new features in the global markets. Several feature additions set to roll out in the next few months, however, may put Facebook's version in a league of its own.

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