Some hear 'Yanny,' others hear 'Laurel' in viral, divisive audio


Laurel or Yanny or both? Some even claim to be able to hear both words at once. You may hear something different.

Meanwhile, the FOX 26 newsroom is completely split on the issue.

Some hear yanny. Some hear laurel.

Within an hour, I've been able to convert four of my colleagues after playing the clip ad nauseum.

One Twitter user wrote: "How are y'all hearing Yanny?".

". One of my friends sent it to me and the first time I heard it, it said "Laurel, '" the Redditor explained".

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Some people have generously manipulated the audio to change what word you'll hear.

Michael Weiss added, "My wife and I just listened through my laptop speakers - she heard Yanny and I heard Laurel and now I feel like I'm living in a simulation".

Some seem to hear "Yanny", while others perceive it as "Laurel".

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