Pokemon Switch To Be Revealed This Month, Will Launch In 2018


Nintendo still hasn't said much at all about its new Pokemon game for the Switch, but a bunch of rumours doing the rounds have suggested it'll revolve around electric-powered-mouse-thing Pikachu and the feline-like Eevee.

Update: Serebiit reports that it is the very same company that registered the official Pokemon Sun & Moon website domain. "How could Switch benefit from Pokémon Go's success, and how could Pokemon Go benefit from Switch's success?" a post on Roger's blog reads.

According to Rogers, who returned to talk about the matter on ResetEra, "a Pokemon game is releasing on Switch later this year". It seems that the plan is for the Switch versions of Pokemon to allow users to catch Pokemon in a manner similar to the one seen in the popular mobile game. Still, the Nintendo Switch offers a unique facet that other consoles don't, which is that it, too, can be played on the go (pun sort of intended) and thus be taken to the same places a phone or tablet could - and it even has a touchscreen. Additionally, the games may feature Pokemon that follow the trainer around, akin to Pokemon Yellow Version and the Gold and Silver remakes from 2009. At this time, it's not clear whether that will be the primary way you catch Pokemon or just an option. We don't know yet if Nintendo is preparing to reveal a new pair of Pokémon titles or if they're just trying to keep domain squatters from potentially adding further fuel to the rumor mill.

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The announcement that a mainline Pokemon game would be coming to Switch was a big deal.

If the information about a reveal before the end of May turns out to be correct, we should get a taste of whether this is the direction Nintendo is going within the next few weeks.