Comics legend Stan Lee sells sci-fi comedy to China


The comic book legend, 95, just filed a mammoth $1 billion lawsuit against his ex-business partners at POW!

He says that the deal's final details were not disclosed to him before he signed, and because Lee was declared legally blind in 2015, that he could not see the document, and was therefore tricked into signing away "the exclusive right to use Lee's name, identity, image and likeness on a worldwide basis in perpetuity".

Stan Lee has come out swinging against his former company POW! "Inc. the exclusive use of Lee's identity, name, image, and likeness ... and each of them knew that their objective was unlawful and they meant to aid each other in achieving that unlawful objective".

He claims the company and two officers tried to steal Lee's identity for financial benefits.

The production company was sold to the Chinese company Camsing previous year, but Lee argues that he was unaware of the negotiations and that he never would have knowingly signed his name on a document that gave away his name.

He claims that the company's president Gill Champion and its CEO Shane Duffy took advantage of his grieving state following the death of his wife Joan and also his macular degeneration when the business was sold to Hong Kong-based company Camsing International in 2017.

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The complaint, lodged at Los Angeles County Superior Court, states Lee does not recall signing sale documents, nor having them read to him. The suit states that Lee can not recall anyone reading to him the terms of the agreement and that he did not knowingly sign the document.

Lee also claims POW! took control of his social media accounts and has been impersonating him - something he's recently addressed on Twitter.

It added that Lee has a history of agreeing to non-exclusive licences for the use of his name, image and likeness.

The suit, brought by attorney Adam D.H. Grant of Alpert, Barr & Grant, seeks to rescind the license agreement as well as "damages in excess of one billion dollars".

The suit suggests that Duffy, Champion or POW! either forged Lee's signature, lifted it from another document or induced him to sign it by telling him it was something else.