Surface Hub 2 puts a cool new spin on Microsoft's digital whiteboard


I could try to describe Microsoft's upcoming Surface Hub 2 - a scalable, 4K, 50.5-inch touchscreen display, videowall collaboration conferencing system that you can roll around, but I bet you already yawned halfway through that sentence.

The product provides access to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office 365, Windows 10 and the intelligent cloud. With the new Surface Hub, Microsoft plans to redefine the boring conference room meetings. Microsoft has designed Surface Hub 2 for both productivity and creativity.

A few weeks back, Microsoft announced that the Surface Hub stock was running low and that the device would soon be almost impossible to buy. Surface Hub 2 takes the baby steps towards a multiple display thing. Surprisingly, the video camera is now gone from the main device. The new Surface Hub 2 will have the capability of tiling which simply joins multiple Surface hub 2 allowing users to display multiple pieces of content side-by-side.

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When I asked Seiler more about the version of Windows 10 that will power Surface Hub 2, she said "Windows 10 is what it's built on", and wouldn't go beyond that.

Time will tell if the Surface Hub 2 can replicate the success of the original Surface Hub, which shipped to 5,000 customers across 25 markets past year, according to Microsoft. Seeing four of the lovely Surface Hub 2s lined up together has undeniable visual effect and will have a profound impact on what groups can accomplish together, allowing users to display multiple pieces of content side-by-side. This allows you to place four Surface Hub 2 tablets side by side to make one giant screen or to utilize them individually to display different documents on each screen. Microsoft says it will bring as much Surface Hub 2 software functionality as is possible to the previous generation Hubs.

Microsoft hasn't shared the exact specs or the release date but has promised its availability in 2019. "Over half of Fortune 100 companies have purchased Surface Hubs to improve team's efficiency and how they collaborate", said Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, Panos Panay, "breaking down barriers and creating real business value". Microsoft has clearly listened to customer feedback and is working on making the device more affordable as well.