Senate Dems demand answers from AT&T CEO about payments to Michael Cohen


After the news broke that Swiss pharma Novartis paid $100,000 per month into an account belonging to Cohen, in a fixed-term contract worth $1.2 million, the company issued a statement attempting to clarify the situation.

Asked about Sadler's comment, a White House official said, "We respect Senator McCain's service to our nation, and he and his family are in our prayers during this hard time".

Oliver explained the recent revelations about Cohen, including that he sold access to the president for millions of dollars, and that, for better or worse, he didn't necessarily deliver on that promise.

Novartis says the deal with Cohen's company, Essential Consultants, was to seek advice "as to how the Trump administration might approach certain USA healthcare policy matters, including the Affordable Care Act". Other big companies with business before the Trump administration, included AT&T and drug conglomerate Novartis, also paid huge sums to the fixer. "These days, Trump aide says something bad isn't really news; it's just an assumed fact, like gravity, or the fact that Young Sheldon will someday grow up and look nothing like Jim Parsons, and then all hell will break loose because the world can't handle an inconsistency like that".

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Meanwhile, Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti outed Cohen on Twitter last night.

The senators want to know the names of other consultants hired, whether requests were made for contacts between Cohen and Trump, and whether any of the payments ever were received by Trump.

"Millions of dollars for access to Trump", Oliver said, "which is just freaky because I naturally assumed you gained access to the president by finding a golden ticket in your Maga hat". When you review the facts of the payments and who made those payments to Cohen, there is no escaping the reality that is potentially very ugly.

In the end, AT&T says Cohen "did no legal or lobbying work" for the company, though they did pay his limited liability corporation Essential Consultants at least $200,000, and perhaps as much as $600,000. I'm closest to the president. "Congratulations, you just got a f--ing master class", he continued.