Another Airline Is Cracking Down On Emotional Support Animals


Starting with tickets booked on or after July 1, animals including ferrets, birds of prey, snakes, insects, hedgehogs and goats are banned from American cabins.

Miniature horses are specifically allowed if they are properly trained as a service animal.

Passengers wanting to travel with their emotional support animal in the cabin will also be required to submit documentation at least 48 hours before their flight.

"The ACAA (Air Carrier Access Act) actually has standards, for emotional support animals, they have standards for service dogs, and they have the right to remove that dog before they enter the flight", Pratt said. "Incidents when people try to pass off their pets as support animals are going to be reined in".

The airline revised its guidelines Monday for the emotional support and service animals it allows on its flights after it said it saw more than a 40 percent increase in the number or passengers using them from 2016 to 2017. Shortly afterward, it updated its rules for support animals, requiring owners to provide proof of an animal's health and swear it will be well-behaved. "Unfortunately, untrained animals can lead to safety issues for our team, our customers and working dogs onboard our aircraft".

Shortly after the incident, United changed its support animal policy and officially banned peacocks and numerous same emotional support animals American Airlines has decided not to allow.

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A number of groups were consulted by American for its new policy, including the American Association of People with Disabilities, Paralyzed Veterans of America, the American Council for the Blind and My Blind Spot.

But, if you need a service dog or mini horse, you're still good!

Travelers must also fill out a form conforming to behavior guidelines for their support animal, including agreeing that if the animal can not be well-behaved on the flight, it will be treated as a pet and all pet fees will apply.

American will also train its employees on how better to distinguish a support animal from a pet.

Those who want to bring such an animal on board now have to file paperwork 48 hours before a flight, and there are new restrictions on which types of animals are permitted. He also discusses how we support our customers who have disabilities and what we've done to ensure we make decisions that maximize both inclusiveness and safety.