With Heat Season Over, Hassan Whiteside Again Vents About Playing Time


I appreciate y'all's concern, but we'll worry about that later.

With Wade's role with the Cavs clearly in jeopardy, Cleveland wanted to "do right" by Wade and traded him back to Miami for a protected second-round pick.

Kelly Olynyk's team best effort wasn't enough to keep the Miami Heat's season going.

"Fresh off this National Basketball Association season, my fifteenth year, I sit back and think about that" Wade stated in a postgame press conference about the prospect of retiring. I'll sit back and think about that. He said he wanted to wait until Wade made his decision before he discussed his thoughts. "Right after the game it was like, '(If it's) our last time going against each other, then it's been everything and more.' But I'll give you guys a more in-depth analysis of his career if he decides to hang 'em up".

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A key part of the Heat's offseason and their next moves will be shaped by Dwyane Wade's decision, too. It is the same logic the Heat brought into the series, but they found out the Sixers simply had more than they had. "I know they're a talented team". With the Heat's season having come to an end Tuesday, however, Whiteside again aired his frustration.

Wade, 36, was traded from the Cavaliers to the Heat ahead of February's trade deadline and will look to finish his career in Miami where it began. In the regular season he averaged 25.3 minutes per game. You want to see nothing but good things for those guys. I think they grew up, and I think they learned some things from us and the way we pushed them.

The pro-Whiteside camp can point to some raw numbers: He averaged 14 points and 11.4 rebounds a game this season (and 17 and 14 a season ago), he shot 54 percent from the floor, and had a PER of 24.1. In the first quarter, Simmons went up for a layup and got undercut by Josh Richardson, which sent him tumbling to the ground. In the first two games, when Philadelphia played small, Whiteside didn't have a place on the court and saw limited minutes.

"I had to pay my respects because I don't know if this is it or if he has another year", Embiid said, as reported by ESPN, "but he's a great and a Hall of Famer".