Self-destructing messages, snooze, and much more


Today, Google is launching the biggest revamp of Gmail in years.

The other major new feature in this update is "confidential mode".

Google has finally decided that Tasks deserves a dedicated app on mobile.

Speaking of security, the new Gmail will bring you new warnings to highlight the potentially malicious emails coming through.

What new stuff can you do? However, the essentials are still there where they were before. A fresh, new look for Gmail is aimed to compete with Microsoft's Outlook email service. There is also a choice for the recipient to receive an SMS message with a passcode generated by Google in order to access the email.

Google has disclosed a enormous upgrade and redesigns for Gmail, thought to be one of the organization's leaders items. We'll learn more about that next month hopefully at the company's annual developer conference.

Tasks is easy to access from Gmail: you simply tap the icon on the right rail and it pops out on the right side of your inbox.

My favourite new thing: You can now send emails that self-destruct. The entire drawer is retractable. The feature suggests one-tap responses by scanning your emails and guessing how you might want to respond. There's also a plus button which allows you to add more compatible services.

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A new Confidential Mode is perhaps the biggest security/privacy investment out of this batch of announcements. So you can make an email disappear from you inbox until a user-specified time. Like ephemeral stories, these emails will be automatically cleared as soon as they're in the inbox for a specific time period.

Yes, someone could still take screenshots of the contents of your sensitive email, and print or forward those. Perhaps, Google might begin disabling the former on its own apps. That last one is another new feature for the web version. In order to determine which messages need the users' attention, Google looks at a bunch of signals such as who sent the user an email and if it has got certain content. On a 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Pro, the old Gmail shows more emails in all three display modes.

If you've followed along with the leaks in recent weeks, none of the new features will surprise you.

Also, users can have a message expire after a set amount of time to prevent it from resurfacing years later.

If this sets alarm bells ringing, don't forget that Google - unlike AOL and Yahoo - no longer uses Gmail to scan for advertising preferences.

Gmail gets more artificial intelligence via features like Nudging, Smart Reply and high-priority notifications. As usual, you'll be able to switch back and forth at first. At the bottom of every new Gmail there's a button for "Confidential mode" that can secure messages in a few cool ways.

When you open an email, you'll see Smart Reply options - another feature that Gmail app users will be familiar with.

Another aspect where Google is applying machine learning to tidy up your inbox is subscriptions. Instead, it focuses on features that make email more safe and efficient, especially in a business context. For the latter, it will recommend a neat unsubscribe option. New offline capabilities on the web app will let you work without interruption if Wi-Fi is scarce.