OnePlus 6 will feature glass back design


In the latest post from the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau over on the OnePlus forums, we get a quick glimpse at the process of designing the OnePlus 6 and how the manufacturer chose to go with some changes for the upcoming handset. Closely examine the OnePlus 6 and you'll indeed see this subtle nuance embedded in each device.

Lau details that the company has worked fairly hard to achieve the finish and design that it likes for the OnePlus 6. In OnePlus's case, that strategy is still meant to encompass premium-grade hardware with relatively accessible prices even as the firm has been increasing the price tags attached to its handsets in recent years. After the company's earlier glass back finish phone - the OnePlus X, Pete has made a decision to go again with the latest premium glass finish design form factor.

Teasers from the company and a few other rumours also confirm that the OnePlus 6 will be built using a ceramic and waterproof (IP6X-rated) body, and the alert slider seems to be shifted to the right side of the device as opposed to the left side in all the previous variants. The post doesn't go into great detail about where the glass materials are utilized, but the company does say it is aiming for a distinct "sense of value" and "premium hand-feel". The advantages of glass over metal are manifold: glass communicates a transparent, bright, and pure feeling. He also mentions that this glass back is going to have five layers of water-resistant Nanotech Coating which he claims is a first in the industry.

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Given the popularity of everything wireless these days, we won't be surprised if the OnePlus 6 came with wireless charging support. But that's just our hopes running wild. It is also officially confirmed that the OnePlus 6 will have a 256GB ROM option as well. The OnePlus 6 is expected to launch in India in May and Amazon India is already asking fans to register for it here.

Earlier, OnePlus had revealed that the OnePlus 6 will use new materials in its design compared to the OnePlus 5T and now the company is revealing what exactly is new.

OnePlus 6 Alert Slider will have a new function (camera focus maybe?).