WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from April 16


The Superstar Shake-up continues on SmackDown Live on Tuesday night.

WWE introduced us to the Superstar Shakeup past year as opposed to a traditional draft.

The flagship show will give him more exposure while also presenting him with the chance to face several opponents he has never been in the ring with before.

After being fired and rehired by the company, Bryan and Miz finally met in a one-on-one match at Night Of Champions 2010, with Bryan defeating Miz for the United States Championship.

With many people deserving the title of a front-runner, and with Corbin in danger of disappearing in the background, the WWE must come up with some epic storytelling to get the Lone Wolf back on track. Jinder gets a fresh match on Raw and a reset without the title, Hardy gets a huge championship win, and the show gets to kick off with a very clear babyface vs. heel scenario.

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CBS Sports will be following all the Superstar Shakeup moves throughout Monday and Tuesday, so stay tuned to this page for the latest updates as WWE releases them.

Tyler Breeze and Fandango - One of the popular tag teams from Smackdown Live, Breeze and Fandango will no doubt entertain audiences with the Fashion Files and backstage segments.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn - arguably two of the top heels on Smackdown are now on Raw. Kurt Angle came to break up the part, but Zayn had a letter from Stephanie McMahon saying their would be allowed a spot on Raw.

While the Riott Squad gets a rather unceremonious introduction to Raw, essentially repeating what they've done on SmackDown, another great use of the Shakeup to tell stories comes with Miz TV. Apparently the former SmackDown Live GM has requested the Miz be moved back to the Blue show, and that's incredibly exciting. This could give him a completely different persona for his return. Maybe a run on Raw is in the cards for The Showoff, who has had more ups and downs in recent years than Sisyphus. This is a big opportunity for the Empress of Tomorrow and, really, any other woman on the roster who could believably defeat Carmella. By the time he competed in tje 10-man tag team match main event, Bryan had already spoken out on Twitter.

Sonya Deville is needs to go to SmackDown. Now, all three former members of 3MB are on Raw.