Storms unleash tornadoes in United States east, record snow in Midwest


The National Weather Service has confirmed two EF-1 tornadoes passed through the River Valley Friday night.

The 130-mph winds put the tornado "at the high end of the EF2 scale", according to a statement from the weather service's Blacksburg office.

The tornado damaged businesses and flipped cars and a truck trailer before its wind speeds increased to 115 miles per hour, the low end of the EF2 category.

What the survey teams are looking for to make their determination as far as what created the damage is what direction the damage occurred in the path of the storm. They are now working on a tornado survey for the EF-1 tornado that touched down near Diana Friday night, they have confirmed it as an EF-1 tornado, but have yet to release the details of their finding.

We are awaiting the release of details from the other tornados from the National Weather Service.

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OPPELO, Ark. - The National Weather Service in Little Rock confirmed a tornado caused damage in Oppelo. A couple of trees fell on homes, and two families are displaced, Loftin said.

The anticipated weather earlier Sunday triggered a severe thunderstorm warning and tornado and flash flood watches for portions of Western Virginia from Lynchburg to Wytheville.

Weekend storms generated five tornados sprinkle across Central Mississippi with one to the North and one near the Coast. But for the most part, the county fared well during the storm, he said. Duke Energy reported about 2,100 customers without service, most in Lancaster and Fairfield Counties.

Though it was on the ground for only about a minute, its 105-mph winds damaged six homes, flipped a truck and snapped dozens of trees.