Facebook to Face Angry Illinoisans Over Facial Recognition Tech


Facebook violated an IL state law by improperly using their photo-scanning and facial recognition technologies and storing biometric data without their users' consent, a federal judge in California ruled on Monday, after reviewing a 2015 claim made against Facebook by three IL plaintiffs.

Cambridge Analytica is accused of acquiring the data of 87 million Facebook users through an academic researcher at the University of Cambridge, Alexander Kogan.

In a successful class action suit, any person in that group could be entitled to compensation.

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook faces a class action suit in California over facial recognition.

Patel particularly took aim at the "tag suggestion" feature launched in 2011, where Facebook, using data about the faces in a photo, suggests friends or others that should be tagged.

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Facebook said the case has no merit.

Facebook, which got the case moved to San Francisco from IL, argues that the data it collects isn't covered by the IL law, which restricts collection of consumers' fingerprints, "voice prints" and scans of "hand or face geometry".

US District Judge James Donato ruled that Facebook can be sued by three IL users who claim the firm gathered biometric data through facial recognition without their explicit consent. In order to do this, Facebook would have to collect users' biometric data to ensure their facial recognition tech would work, triggering privacy concerns. As far back as 2015, The Anti Media reported on a lawsuit involving a man who, despite not having a Facebook account, was fighting to get his "faceprint" from the company.

Lawsuit challenges the social-network giant over its gathering of facial recognition data on photos without the consent of users.

The decision comes days after Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg faced intensive questioning by USA lawmakers over the company's collection and use of user data. The law also made it illegal for companies to sell, lease, or otherwise profit from a customer's biometric information. However, for the moment, users should be aware that their words and face are owned by Facebook and whoever else they decide to share the data with.