Kentucky Governor Apologizes for Associating Teacher Protests with Child Sexual Assault


They did. Bevin responded by guaranteeing somewhere a child had been sexually assaulted, ingested poison or used illegal drugs because they were left home along by single parents who could not afford to find child care on short notice.

Matt Bevin (R) apologized Sunday for suggesting statewide teacher protests exposed children to sexual assault or poison at home. "I felt like we were finally getting some calm and he just kind of, you know, stirs the hornets' nest".

Following widespread outrage over those remarks, Bevin has issued an apology, stating it wasn't his intent to hurt anyone.

"We can't be so consumed with the financial that we fail to appreciate the ripple effect of the real people that are involved", Bevin said on Sunday.

"It's my responsibility to represent you - not only when I'm speaking to you, but when I'm speaking on your behalf - in ways that are clear, that are understood, that don't hurt people and don't confuse people", he added, addressing public employees.

He said of the teachers protesting that he saw "a lot of people hanging out, shoes-off, smoking, leaving trash around, taking the day off".

Adam Beam  APWhitney Walker second left and Tracy Kurzendoerfer protest outside of Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's office
Adam Beam APWhitney Walker second left and Tracy Kurzendoerfer protest outside of Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's office

Kentucky's Republican-majority House of Representatives passed a bipartisan resolution on Saturday criticizing the governor's comments, and the Republican state Senate president said Bevin should apologize, according to local media.

Protesters succeeded in their efforts and legislators overturned Bevin's budget and tax vetoes on the final day of the 2018 legislative session. "And so to the extent that I do that well, great, and to the times when I don't do it well, that's on me".

Bevin took to social media after nationwide backlash for saying children were being sexually abused while being left alone as teachers rallied in Frankfort to urge lawmakers to override his vetoes of an operating budget. And to the times when I don't do it well, that's on me.

Robin Cooper, an occupational therapist in Fayette County, the state's second-largest public faculty district, was among the many 1000's of educators protesting on the Capitol in current weeks.

And after watching the video Sunday, she said, 'Seriously? 'But it still wasn't an apology. It was nonetheless him defending his phrases. Everyone heard his words.

"I think the focus for us is going to be on what we're doing here in the state of Wisconsin".

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