May says Syria strikes send 'clear message' on chemical weapons


In April past year, Trump ordered another, more limited missile strike, against an airfield in Syria from which an earlier chemical attack had been launched, according to USA intelligence.

Moscow's UN ambassador Vassily Nebenzia claimed the "immediate priority is to avert the danger of war" following a closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday. There are concerns, however, that further global intervention risks a confrontation between Russian Federation and the United States. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned the government's involvement in the US-led strikes, saying it "makes real accountability for war crimes and use of chemical weapons less, not more likely".

Maj Gen Konashenkov said Britain was "directly involved in the provocation".

He added: "We know for certain that between April 3 and April 6 the so-called White Helmets were seriously pressured from London to speed up the provocation that they were preparing".

"This evening I have authorised British armed forces to conduct co-ordinated and targeted strikes to degrade the Syrian regime's chemical weapons capability and deter their use", she said in a statement.

Pentagon officials say the attacks targeted the heart of Assad's programs to develop and produce chemical weapons. Speaking Thursday, Merkel said that the "whole spectrum of measures must be considered" when responding to the use of chemical weapons, adding: "Germany will support all activities with the United Nations security council".

Mr Macron claimed on Thursday he had "evidence" that chemical weapons were used in Douma by the Syrian government, including chlorine gas. The commission, which is investigating the attack on Douma, is an independent body established by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate human rights violations in Syria. "We have information to believe that what took place was a provocation with the participation of certain countries' intelligence services".

Theresa May stressed that after assessments, alongside the United States and France, all the indications were that it had been a chemical weapons attack which led to some harrowing images of men, women and children lying dead with foam in their mouths.

In attacks alongside U.S. and French allies on Saturday, four British Tornado jets fired Storm Shadow missiles at a Syrian military base suspected of holding chemical weapons ingredients. "It is Russian Federation alone that used its veto 12 times to protect the Assad regime". "Russian Federation can complain all it wants about fake news, but no one is buying its lies and its cover-ups".

In a statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin described the air strikes as an "act of aggression" by the three western allies, which would worsen the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

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UK PM May: British forces conduct targeted strike against Syria
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said that four RAF Tornado jets were deployed to launch missiles at a Syrian military facility. For his part, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Gerard Batten, opposed the British military action in Syria.

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Theresa May has faced both support and criticism from politicians across the United Kingdom after Britain launched strikes on Syria overnight alongside the USA and France.

He told Sky News: "If there is proof the regime did it, then the regime must be held responsible".

After hearing legal, security and defence advice, she concluded it was "right and legal" to take military action.

"The rising tension over the Douma attack demonstrates the volatile nature of the Syrian civil war, which started in March 2011 as an anti-Assad uprising but is now a proxy conflict involving a number of world and regional powers and a myriad of insurgent groups".

"I have done so because I judge this action to be in Britain's national interest", she added.

British opposition lawmakers have called on May to give Parliament a vote before any military action.

Tom Tugendhat, the Conservative chairman of parliament's foreign affairs scrutiny committee and a former army officer, said May had "taken the correct decision". "Could be very soon or not so soon at all!" he tweeted, without ruling out attacks.

USA broadcaster NBC quoted U.S. officials familiar with the intelligence as saying they had now obtained blood and urine samples which had tested positive for chemical weapons.

The prime mister said that the attack was a "success" according to a preliminary assessment, while the data is still being evaluated.