Shenmue I & II Re-Releases Officially Announced, Headed to Consoles and PC


SEGA considers this collection, named Shenmue I & II as the definitive version of the original titles and the best news is that it will be available this year.

A much-loved series both in and outside of Japan, Shenmue stars Ryo Hazuki, a young martial arts pupil investigating his father's murder across Asia.

Since the Shenmue 3 crowdfunding campaign was announced, I think most of us were sure a release like this was only a matter of time.

The first Shenmue was released only on the Sega Dreamcast and not many people had played it sadly.

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Sega, thankfully, is now looking to deliver on that suggestion. Get ready to go on a thrilling voyage across faithful recreations of Japan and Hong Kong, China, in a timeless tale of revenge and mystery when Shenmue I & II launches both physically and digitally on PlayStation® 4 and Xbox® One with a PC release on Steam in 2018.

We're told that the re-releases will stay true to the original and will come with the original feature set including jujitsu combat, investigative elements, RPG elements, and mini games.

The bundle isn't just a straight port of the original games, either.

Of course, 2018 is also the date set for the release of the third part of the Shenmue franchise. Instead, this Shenmue release comes with a host of upgrades and options in comparison to the first forms of the games, complete with a choice of either Japanese or English voice options, a choice of classic or modern controls, and fully scalable screen resolution.