Scientists have warned about the dangers of hand dryers


The results of the study, which came from scientists comparing normal bathroom air in 36 restrooms at the University of CT to the air coming from dryer nozzles, indicated that more bacterial colonies developed in samples exposed to the hand dryer air. They then tested the plates for harmful bacteria and found 18-30 colonies of bacteria on each plate. Well, your office hand dryer might actually be spreading fecal bacteria onto your hands and throughout your building. The results were published this month in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. How many bacteria in the apparatus that the researchers suggest to wipe his hands with a towel, reports the with reference to the news of Yu. So, in the brief moments your hands rest below the nozzle, they'll be exposed to far more air than usual-and far more bacteria.

Some hand dryers like those made by Dyson do use HEPA filters. Consequently, this study has implications for the control of opportunistic bacterial pathogens and spores in public environments including healthcare settings.

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The researchers, who were from the University of Connecticut's School of Medicine, studied 36 bathrooms across the campus. They also exposed some of these sterile plates to the bathroom air under fans for 20 minutes. They showed growth of just one or less bacterial colony.

The research adds to a growing body of evidence showing that hot-air hand dryers have a role in the spread of bacteria-safe and potentially risky. And while evidence shows dryers can cover hands in bacteria, they said, it's not certain whether they deposit bacterial spores.

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