YouTube tackles conspiracy videos by adding Wikipedia info


YouTube will flag conspiracy theory videos with additional information from Wikipedia in an effort to tackle the spread of disinformation on its platform.

She underlined that YouTube is not a news organization. Facebook launched a similar experiment in which it added context from fact checkers to known fake news articles.

Expect to see the feature appear in other popular internet conspiracy theory videos, including those that look at chem trials, vaccinations, 9/11, and flat earth claims.

YouTube is the place to find the TRUTH about 9/11, the moon landing, vaccines, and the healing power of crystals.

YouTube acknowledged that the new feature will not solve the conspiracy theory issue overnight. One example given was a moon landing conspiracy video that includes a readily accessible snippet of information about the actual moon landing from Wikipedia.

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Also, because Wikipedia pages are crowd-sourced, a page for a given event may not necessarily be accurate. She said information cues would first roll out to topics for which there are a significant number of YouTube videos.

Still, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, and editors have often engaged in stellar bipartisan battles over controversial topics.

It's a problem for people that are looking for real information about something and YouTube will fight this according to its chief executive officer Susan Wojcicki.

Even Wikipedia acknowledges it's not best equipped to handle breaking news events: "Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia, not a a result, our processes and principles are created to work well with the usually contemplative process of building an encyclopaedia, not sorting out the oft-conflicting and mistaken reporting common during disaster and other breaking news events".