Trump says Wilbur Ross, EU to discuss tariffs, trade barriers


You'd think California Steel Industries would be happy with President Donald Trump's new tariff on steel imports. The move will certainly come as a huge burden to Korean steelmakers. One recommendation that was floated is restricting imports of steel and aluminum to 63 per cent of 2017 levels.

The Trump administration is seeking to raise tariffs on a wide range of Chinese goods.

Overall, the primary metals industry in USA, which is largely steel and aluminum, accounts for just under 0.7 per cent of the economy.

While the tariffs would be chiefly targeted at information technology, consumer electronics and telecoms, they could be much broader and the list could eventually run to 100 products.

It's not feasible to convert to a steel-making process that doesn't use slabs, Rodrigues said, adding he doesn't foresee a domestic slab-making industry taking off because making finished steel products is more profitable. The tariffs will not apply to U.S. NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico, and Trump has said other nations can potentially negotiate exemptions.

Administration authorities and others have stated the impact of greater steel and aluminum rates on the cost of a vehicle will be modest.

"We made the. true point that the integration of our steel and aluminum market is so intense across the Canada-U.S. border that millions of jobs on both sides of the border depend on continued smooth flow of trade", he said. The law allows the president to enact tariffs as an emergency measure.

Data last week showed that the USA trade deficit had jumped to an over nine-year high in January, with the country's shortfall with China widening sharply.

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Asked to respond to Trump's accusations that the EU is imposing barriers to USA automakers, Malmstrom said that "it's hard to argue on Twitter over these issues, but the European Union is a very open market". High tariffs enacted on electronics and clothing, which the US buys a lot of from China, would sharpen trade frictions and risk economic side effects in the USA such as inflation.

For now, South Korea has to deal with American tariffs on steel imports. That war has been raging for decades and we've been losing. While it's not clear if this will spark a trade war, one thing is for sure - investors need to take a wait-and-see approach to the latest political developments.

Even if US manufacturers increased their output of the two metals, it would add only 0.05 per cent to GDP, according to Guatieri. The tariffs take effect in about two weeks, which means the president could still change his mind.

The White House today said that it's not abnormal for many people to leave the administration, after reports that the residence-cum-office of the United States of America president has plunged into chaos with at least half a dozen senior officials leaving the office in recent weeks.

The U.S. used the threat of Section 301, adopted in 1974, during a trade dispute with Japan in the 1980s to extract concessions. But worldwide trade has been anything but free.

China has repeatedly vowed to defend its "legitimate rights and interests" if targeted by U.S. trade actions.

While Trump has called China "helpful" in dealing with North Korea, his 2016 campaign focused on pulling out of worldwide trade deals that he sees as detrimental to US interests. Economic adviser Gary Cohn, who opposed the action, resigned in response.

Read the Auto Care Association's full letter submitted to the White House here.