Apple Is Now Letting Accessory Makers Manufacturer Lightning to 3.5mm Adapters


Apple is giving Made-For-iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) accessory makers the green light to make a lighting to 3.5mm output cable and USB-C ports.

While third-party dongles are available, the good news is that if you'd rather not pay for something unofficial, Apple has extended its MFi program where it will now cover third-party Lightning to 3.5mm cables, assuming that the manufacturers are able to meet the specifications laid out by Apple.

Another change gives way to the developers to produce accessories compatible with the USB-C charging standard, which will allow other wireless accessories such as gamepads or external power banks to be equipped with the new charging-standardized plug.

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Notably, Apple similarly started letting companies use its own Lightning port receptacle on MFi accessories a few years back and many Made-for-iPhone chargers, docks, game controllers and other products have adopted it since. However, users who lose or break them can only buy a new one from the stores which sell official Apple products, at the price of about $12. This allowed accessories to avoid bundling a cable with products and simultaneously cut down on costs since users could use the same Lightning cable that came with their iPhones for charging the accessory. This is the only way to connect an iPhone to one of Apple's USB-C laptops.

This is a helpful move for users as more tech companies are beginning to use USB-C ports on their products. They can also use the USB port on their Mac with the same cable to charge their Apple device. The new cable, however, would allow for a much more streamlined experience.