Hearthstone's The Witchwood builds on Year of the Mammoth's best ideas


This set also marks the start of the Year of the Raven, a rotation in the game's standard cycle that will move cards from older sets out of eligibility in Hearthstone's Standard formats.

More cards will be revealed starting with the 26th of March, when we will probably also get a more in-depth analysis of the new cards and abilities.

The Witchwood expansion is now available for pre-purchase. The Witchwood expansion will bring two new keywords to the popular card game, a new version of Dungeon Run as well as 135 new cards to add to your collection.

There's also a new Echo keyword that enables a card to be played multiple times on the same turns, and Rush, which can attack minions the same turn that they come into play-similar to the Charge keyword, except it's only against minions.

Echo, which makes it so that the card will cast itself over and over again until you run out of mana.

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For those that have been waiting for a new mode, you'll be getting it with Witchwood as well. Echo and Rush will allow for much more malleable decks and counterplay.

Shortly after the expansion is released players will have access to an exciting new single-player Hearthstone experience in The Witchwood to destroy the evil once and for all. If you want to know more about the Witchwood then Blizzard have supplied a brand new trailer (see below) that provides a musical tale of the horrors that wait. Players can choose between four unique hero heroes to take down eight bosses in this mode, and they can upgrade their decks after each battle. They'll have to survive eight increasingly hard brawls in order to face the boss fight that waits for them in the heart of the wood.

The twist for Monster Hunt, beyond the fun new heroes, is the gear mechanic.

Looks like the Rogue Death Knight, Valeera the Hollow's Hero Power, only for a single card. Called Monster Hunt, players will be tasked with venturing deeper and deeper into The Witchwood to cleanse the forest of darkness. Few details are available on that right now, but it sounds functionally identical with some thematic changes which I AM A-OK WITH! Still, no information about its content is yet revealed.

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