The Real Reason Black Panther Shattered The Box Office & Expectations


The Marvel Entertainment release, the first global superhero blockbuster with an African American director and a mostly black cast, exceeded expectations and set records for a February opening and for a Presidents Day weekend debut. While initial forecasts placed Black Panther at the top of the box office, the reality surpassed every prediction made as those forecasts updated throughout the weekend. It has some problems, but nothing that really ruins the movie.

Placing her hands on Michael's face, she commands: 'I especially like to see you get down'. At that pace, "Black Panther" could pass the domestic run for "Thor: Ragnarok" as early as this coming Sunday and pass the domestic run for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" the week after. Her feelings for T'Challa are about more than her honor as a Dora Milaje.

However, when T'Challa, who's presumed dead, returns, invalidating the results of the challenge, Okoye recognizes him as the still-current king and fights for him gratefully (despite her duty, she was not happy about this Killmonger dude). She used the vibranium to create new and exciting technology to change her world, and seems more interested in the future than the past. The debate on whether Wakanda should remain hidden from the world or use their resources to help people, drives the conflict further until there is only one king left alive. She loves Wakanda more.

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There's also a great parallel between T'Challa and Killmonger that began in Civil War, as noted by Moore. "We always grow up and we are portrayed as the villain and I think that movie made us look so handsome, so smart and so intelligent, and I think that's why so many people were excited for its release".

In addition to all the strong female roles, the sense of pride and responsibility I got from watching the movie was the best part. No shame. The Wakandans were proud people. And that is where I think they are two sides of a different coin in a way.

An ethnically diverse audience pool gave "Black Panther" five out of five stars on a comScore/Screen Engine PostTrak audience survey. Popular films like "The Avengers" and "Iron Man" were celebrated by dedicated fans who showed up to theaters in their cosplay outfits. "Celebrate diversity, and hopefully if this does well, then you'll see more movies like this", Barnes said.