BAFTAs: Jennifer Lawrence Blasted for 'Rudeness' Toward Host Joanna Lumley


Jennifer Lawrence has responded to criticism from BAFTA viewers that she was "rude" to host Joanna Lumley during the ceremony, saying that her comments were an "inside joke".

But let's be serious - should she have acknowledged that she is the 'actual embodiment of perfection in the industry?' "You think you're really pretty!'" Fair point! Why wasn't her intention evident to more people?

Joanna also revealed that the makers of the little-known movie made a concerted effort to ensure it was "seedier" than had been originally intended. "[Because] I just spent all backstage telling her how to be really nice to me". I was not being rude, it was an inside joke'.

Joanna Lumley's debut hosting the film Baftas notched up more than four million viewers - up on previous year.

Viewers of the show were left fuming with the remark and took to social media to share there views.

'Wow, seriously Lawrence needs to lighten the F up.

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Speaking on Ronan Keating's Magic Radio show on Monday, Lawrence addressed the controversy, explaining: "So, behind the stage, or backstage, Joanna and I are both about to go out and she was going to present me, and I was like just adjective after adjective, just "tall", "beautiful", "just say that I'm this and that", and she was like "alright darling", and she goes on-stage". Take the compliment. Ungrateful much!

Now do excuse us Jennifer Lawrence, but how blimmin' dare you. Critics were shocked at her comeback to Joanna Lumley's profuse praise. I think she meant hottest as in most in demand not in looks.

When the 27 year-old Lawrence came up to present the award for Outstanding British Film, she reportedly shaded the human rights activist by calling her "too much".

Thankfully, there were people who, even without knowing it was an inside joke, still read the situation the same way as we at Celebrity Insider did.

Unfortuantely, Jennifer Lawrence doesn't seem to be with us on that one... well, not as far as Twitter is concerned, anyway. How is that rude?'