Michael Gove to nurture rural broadband with £2bn of farming subsidies


"Comments that farmers are "drenching the countryside in pesticides" are outdated, absolutely wrong. and paint a picture of farming which is unrelated to what really goes on in the British countryside today", the Pembrokeshire farmer said.

Mr Gove has repeatedly told farmers that in future public funds will be used for "public goods" like improving the environment, building...

Gove said there was a strong incentive for Britain and the European Union to agree a good trade deal.

In a wide-ranging address, Mr Gove said he wanted to see the "maximum level of devolution".

"Every year, farmers are confronted by a barrage of inspections from different agencies, often duplicating costs - in both time and money".

"I believe the most important public good we should pay for is environmental protection and enhancement", Gove said, promising to publish a consultation paper on the future of United Kingdom agricultural policy "very shortly".

"If we are to maintain our global reputation for high standards of animal health and welfare and improve our trade links with the rest of the world, any future investment in the United Kingdom farming industry must be targeted at measures to maintain and enhance those standards" Mr Fishwick explained.

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"Given that the majority of those who farm the uplands could not survive without the Basic Payment Scheme, Michael Gove isn't helping by keeping people guessing - they need more than just warm words from the secretary of state".

Defra Secretary Michael Gove has outlined plans to use funding under a future domestic agricultural policy to incentivise higher welfare standards on farms.

"We already, as everyone here knows, have a high baseline for animal health standards, which we will continue to enforce".

'However, we could also support industry-led initiatives to improve these standards, especially in cases where animal welfare remains at the legislative minimum'.

On the vital role British food and farming can play in the country's future, Mr Raymond highlights farming's story as a responsible long-term steward of the countryside and as an acknowledged world leader in animal welfare.

Gove said that post-Brexit Britain could bring new opportunities to the sector and added that recent export growth had been boosted by food and drink sales overseas. For the first time in nearly half a century, we are free to design policies from first principles that put British farmers, and consumers, first.

The review comes as the government prepares to publish an agriculture Command Paper consulting on future United Kingdom policy after we leave the European Union. We must have a food supply chain which shares the risk equally - rather than piling all the risk onto the farmer.