Figure skater Mirai Nagasu lands historic triple axel at the Olympics


When Nagasu attempted what no American figure skater has ever done: land a triple axel in the Olympics, there were nervous skaters watching from Pasadena to Pyeongchang.

Rippon, the first openly gay athlete selected to represent Team USA in the Winter Olympics, told the Daily Mail he wouldn't go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Nagasu deserved this after she was left off the US figure skating's team at Sochi - a decision that caused a bit of drama. The athlete ambitiously trained to complete the jump that only Japan's Midori Ito and Mao Asada have successfully landed before her at the Olympics - the triple axel.

To complete an axel, a skater takes off from the outside edge of one skate, rotates in the air and lands on the outside edge of the opposite skate. It's a suburb of LA. If you feel like you've been hearing "triple axel" a lot this year, you're not wrong. As a child, she participated in numerous competitions. Figure Skating Championships that same year, but fourth-place finisher Ashley Wagner was chosen for the Olympics due to her global resume. "It must be such a cool experience to be a young skater and be able to be in that competitive environment, especially after a great performance because you're on the ice experiencing that. I hoped to the last minute that he would be able to compete here, and before my flight to Korea he was the last man who came to support me", she said.

And, perhaps most importantly, the axel Nagasu hit in the team competition was pure, the best of her life. Head here for loads more images of Mirai!

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"Maybe it's the Japanese genetics €" but lucky for me I'm American, so I'll be the first United States lady", she said after her performance. It was the first Olympic medal for each team member.

As her career took off, she said it was sometimes hard to keep going on the income from a restaurant.

"So I'm really proud of not just overcoming that part of my life, but also doing it in the public". Well, we think it's safe to say to did!

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