Attacks out of proportion: Oxfam chief


Haiti's president condemned the British charity Oxfam on Tuesday for a sexual misconduct scandal, describing the alleged misbehavior of aid workers handling quake recovery efforts as a violation of basic human decency.

"Only one spoke of the news to me and that was a fairly casual reference", she said.

"There is a central question".

The star of "Good Will Hunting" said she will no longer support the organization following its response to a sex abuse scandal in Haiti after its 2010 natural disaster.

Speaking from Haiti, Ms Gabo, who is now 24 and again pregnant, told ITV News she was the local woman who had the relationship with Mr Van Hauwermeiren, who she knew as "the big director of Oxfam".

Roland van Hauwermeiren-who left the charity in 2011 during a sexual misconduct inquiry-has also been accused of hiring sex workers during a humanitarian mission in Chad.

An Oxfam sign is seen on a kiosk that was used to distribute water in Corail, a camp for displaced people of the 2010 quake, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, February 13, 2018.

"I am not ideal, I am not a saint - a man of flesh and blood and have made mistakes (not easy to admit), and I am deeply ashamed", he wrote.

"In taking these actions I am very aware that there are hundreds of good, courageous and compassionate people working for Oxfam around the world".

"We are going to create a vetting system", Oxfam International's executive director Winnie Byanyima told the BBC.

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"What happened in Haiti and afterwards is a stain on Oxfam that will shame us for years, and rightly so", she added. "In my language, 'Okuruga ahamutima gwangye, mutusaasire.' It means, 'From the bottom of my heart I am asking for forgiveness'".

Oxfam said the commission would be headed by leading women's rights experts.

As we reported earlier, the scandal has led to calls in the United Kingdom and European Union to cut funding for Oxfam, which gets almost $85 million annually from those sources. The British Charity has undergone a lot of criticism after the staff of the charity hired prostitutes in Haiti in 2011.

Tutu's retirement follows the resignations of Hollywood actress Minnie Driver and Senegalese musician Baaba Maal as celebrity ambassadors for Oxfam.

The investigation was launched a day after Oxfam Great Britain's deputy chief executive resigned and apologized to the government and donors.

It has led the British government to threaten cutting funds to organisations that cover-up sex scandals.

Oxfam's conduct over the claims, which surfaced last week, has been condemned by the Government - with a threat that millions in taxpayer funding could be cut off.

On Wednesday, Doctors Without Borders, which sends medical staff around the world to regions stricken with war and disease, said it had dealt with 24 cases of sexual harassment or abuse among its 40,000 staff past year, and dismissed 19 people as a result.

The allegations relate to Oxfam GB, one 20 affiliates that make up Oxfam International.