A Newly Discovered iOS Bug Can Crash Your iPhone


The bug is causing quite some problems for iOS and macOS users, as iOS and Mac apps will always try to resume from where the user left off the last time.

Whether you type it in yourself or receive it in a message, there's one character in the Telugu language of India that appears to crash any Apple device as soon as it appears.

iPhone owners, brace yourself for yet another bug that pranksters and other ne'er-do-wells can use to crash your iPhone and block access to messaging apps like iMessage and even third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Gmail.

You can see the risky letter in the tweet below.

Early European explorers said Telugu sounded like Italian because numerous words end with vowels.

Apple's texting software has taken a real beating of late. However, iOS 11 is Apple's one of those releases which is crawling with bugs.

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During their development work on an worldwide news feed, software engineers at Aloha Browser discovered two unicode symbols in a non-English language that can crash any Apple device that uses Apple's default San Francisco font.

Just days after we reported on Apple's desire to delay iOS updates in the interest of shipping out a more stable, bug-free experience for their users, a major new software bug has already been discovered.

Fortunately, The Verge has found a way to resolve the Telugu character bug if you have fallen victim to it.

In a rather freakish sequence of events, it has been reported that a Telugu character is causing multiple iPhones to crash across the globe. The bug also affects platforms other than the iPhone, such as the Apple Watch.

This bug follows another issue referred to as 'chaiOS' that caused iMessage on iOS devices and Macs to crash after clicking on a simple link. Also, it appears that iOS 11.3 beta hasn't been impacted by the Telugu character. The company is also reported to be working to integrate Siri more deeply into the iPhone, with a new search view option, revamped design, and a more user-friendly interface.