You can no longer 'view image' on Google Images search results


Google's implementation to remove the "View Image" button from their image search results was a welcome move by many in order to get more recognition to the websites that host the photos.

Google has replaced the "View Image" button with a "Visit" button.

Nearly two years ago, Getty Images filed antitrust charges against Google in the European Union, taking issue with the company's image scraping techniques to display image search results. Someone has even made a browser extension called Make Google Image Search Great Again which re-enables the View Image button.

In any case, there still is another way users can get hold of the image directly from the Google search results.

Alongside this change, the "search by image" button has also been removed from the search results.

Of course, searchers are not winning here and some are upset that Google made these changes. These changes have allowed Google to reinforce its role as the internet's dominant search engine, maintaining monopoly over site traffic, engagement data and advertising spend.

Google removes the button “View Image” from Image Search

One of the few things still useful about Google has been the image search. So the view image option has been removed. However, the Reverse image search feature still works, which is available in the search bar of Google and you can easily track the image source by uploading it or by simply dragging it to the search bar. Last week, it signed a multi-year global licensing deal with Getty Images, allowing it to use Getty's content within its various products and services.

Apart from this, Google has also removed the "search by image" button that appeared when people opened up an image. Now, all you'll see is "Visit", which navigates to the page on which the image appears.

At that time, Getty Images' general counsel Yoko Miyashita said "Google's behavior is adversely affecting not only our contributors, but the lives and livelihoods of artists around the world, present and future".

However, as a company, Google has been able to strike a balance between users' facilities and publishers' concerns, although the former don't seem to be too happy about it.

People online are upset over a new decision from Google that makes it a little harder to download photos.

The button can be re-enabled via an extension which can be downloaded as a Chrome extension. Give us your comment below to let others know, 'especially Google and Getty'.

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