Transgender woman becomes the first in the world to breastfeed


According to the case notes, the woman had not had any gender-affirming surgery, such as breast augmentation, orchiectomy or vaginoplasty.

The FDA explains that there are "serious risks associated with domperidone" and they took action on the drug because of the risks associated while patients were using it to enhance breast milk production.

The transgender woman who went on to breastfeed her child had gone to the doctors when her partner was five months pregnant.

The 30-year-old, who still has male genitalia, was given an experimental cocktail of drugs by doctors at Mount Sinai Health System in NY.

When the baby was born, the patient became its sole source of nutrition for the first six weeks of its life, as she was able to breastfeed her baby sufficiently.

A TRANSGENDER woman has successfully breastfed a baby in a world first.

Reisman said that with an optimized hormone regimen it may be possible to induce lactation without domperidone, because chest stimulation naturally increases the breast milk-producing hormone prolactin. After a month of treatment, the patient started producing "droplets" of milk, and after three months the transgender woman was producing 8 ounces of milk a day.

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Dr Reisman's findings have been published in the journal Transgender Health and notes: "We believe that this is the first formal report of induced lactation in a transgender woman". There are also cases of transgender men carrying pregnancies and breastfeeding, she added.

Reisman and Goldstein acknowledge that more research is required in order to determine whether their method for inducing lactation can be achieved without the use of domperidone imported from other countries. "At 6 weeks, the patient began supplementing breastfeedings with 4-8oz of Similac brand formula daily due to concerns about insufficient milk volume" write the authors. However, the woman had to supplement breastfeeding with formula later one because she wasn't producing enough milk to fill the baby's appetite.

Some accused the trans woman of seeking her 15-minute of fame, to the detriment of her newborn child.

"This is a very big deal", Boston University School of Medicine associate professor Joshua Safer told New Scientist magazine.

"When I treat transgender women, we see good breast development", he said, noting that it's still unclear exactly which component of the experimental regimen stimulated milk production.

"Many transgender women are looking to have as numerous experiences of non-transgender women as they can, so I can see this will be extremely popular", Safer said.