Solar eclipse of February 2018 was seen by NASA in space!


A partial Solar Eclipse takes place on February 15, but it is only visible in Southern American and Antarctica.

An animation of the eclipse shows that it will begin over Antarctica and will move up and over parts of South America.

The super blue blood moon occurred almost two weeks ago, and all the astronomers and hobbyists eagerly expecting this vast celestial event could enjoy the night sky with three celestial events aligning.

Where will the solar eclipse be visible? When a CME cloud plows through the solar wind, high velocity solar energetic particles can be produced and because they are charged, they must follow the magnetic field lines that pervade the space between the Sun and the Earth.

So, the lunar shadow's interaction with our Earth amounts to just a glancing blow; its dark umbral shadow - from where we can see a total eclipse - completely misses the Earth by some 4,800 miles (7,700 kilometers), while its outer shadow, the penumbra, only brushes the southern end of our planet. NASA's advise on seeing an eclipse with the naked eye remains the same: Do NOT do it, it can damage the eyes.

First, India is not getting to see the partial Solar eclipse, so don't get too excited.

A Nasa spaceship has captured astonishing footage of Earth eclipsing the Sun.

"For most people, this is a really marginal event". It can even go unnoticed.

However in partial and annual eclipses, no one should ever look at the sun without protecting the eyes. This is known as a transit and it lasted around 31 minutes and covered the entire face of the sun.

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What time can we view the partial solar eclipse?

Next Solar Eclipse in the year 2018.


Another partial eclipse, this one will be visible from northern and eastern Europe, northern parts of North America, and some northern and western locations in Asia.

The end of the eclipse will cover two large cities, Buenos Aries and Montevideo. Several million people are in the path of its shadow, Wright said.

This transit happened at the start of the eclipse season for the SDO.

- A solar storm could have an impact on Earth Thursday morning. According to the report, the partial eclipse will last for about two hours. There will be another partial Solar eclipse in August 2018, though this one will not be visible in India either.

The next partial eclipse on July 13 is expected to pass through South Australia, the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

If you live in the high latitudes, expect to see the Northern or Southern Lights shortly. The filter needs to have a "thin layer of aluminum, chromium or silver deposited on their surfaces", says NASA.