Bully Sticks Recalled for Possible Salmonella Contamination


Salmonella found by state inspectors in Raws for Paws Ground Turkey Pet Food and Smokehouse Pet Products' Beefy Munchies have caused recalls of the dog food products announced Thursday night. Typically, a person or pet affected with salmonella experiences symptoms such as fever, body aches, nausea, and vomiting for four to seven days, and they often clear up on their own.

See the FDA website for additional details about recalled products.

The recalled ground turkey pet food was distributed throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa directly to consumers and through online mail orders. Pets can also become carriers of the bacteria-without getting ill themselves-and infect humans. They were sold nationwide and have the expiration date 112120ABC stamped on the side. In addition, lab analysis of closed packages of Darwin's pet food obtained by FDA from Judy on January 24 found Salmonella in the product.

The FDA is also investigating a pattern of contamination in raw pet foods made by Arrow Reliance Inc., which produces products for Darwin's Natural Pet Products and ZooLogics Pet Food.

People can contract infections through contact with an infected pet, or by not thoroughly washing their hands after handling a contaminated product. The affected product was sold to various retailers who distribute to stores in Colorado, Michigan, Washington and North Carolina. The manufacture date of Turkey Pet Food cases is October 12, 2017, and the manufacture dates of Combo Pack cases are between October 12 and February 2, 2018. They have the UPC Code: 78565857957, Lot number: 449294 and are marked with the Best Used By Date of 10/25/19. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain.

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Most people infected with Salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps 6 to 72 hours after infection. They can also pass salmonella to people, even if they don't have any symptoms.

Others at increased risk of serious infection are the elderly, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems.

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Consumers who purchased this raw pet food should throw it away.

Consumers who had this product in their homes should clean their refrigerator and clean and disinfect all bowls, utensils, food prep surfaces, pet bedding, toys, floors, and any other surfaces that the food or pet may have had contact with.

In addition to the reports of sick pets, FDA reports it is aware of at least three animals that were reported to have been injured by bone shards in Darwin's pet food.