White House Confirms Omarosa Was Fired After Using Unauthorized Car Service


Morgan told Carlson it's "ridiculous" Omarosa would ever be talked about in any political context and despite his feelings about President Trump, he has some serious questions about how a "poisonous little viper" like her got into the White House in the first place.

Newman, who is already a controversial contestant on "Celebrity Big Brother", was reportedly fired from her West Wing position because she took too many personal unauthorised rides on their vehicle service to work. "Hearing voices", she said.

CNN failed to mention why she resigned from the White House, which would color her recent comments as she was allegedly forced to resign. And... why was there no one around Trump to say, "hiring Omarosa to work in the White House is a bad idea that will only lead to more problems down the road?" 'A showmance. You know, a romance on the show - we get it on together. "I'm a Christian. I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things. 'What are you? Gay?'"

And in December, [White House Chief of Staff John Kelly] dismissed the former director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison, Omarosa Manigault Newman, who had been using the White House vehicle service - known as "CARPET" - as an office pickup and drop-off service, something strictly forbidden by the federal government, according to three administration officials. So, you and I could do that, and then we could sell it, and make lots of money.

"Yes, this is the same Omarosa Manigault-Newman who just spent a year inside Donald Trump's White House. Then we're going to have the book, and then the docuseries, and then the Lifetime movie, Tucker, at which point you and I are going to have to leave the country because it is so ridiculously absurd".

"So everybody that's wishing for impeachment, you might want to reconsider your life".

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Both Omarosa and Morgan appeared on the Donald Trump-created show.

Morgan also accused the BBC of discrimination, saying that he was simply "highlighting BBC gender equality hypocrisy".

Omarosa has not responded to Morgan's statements.

In a later tweet, the controversial host, who has aired a number of questionable views on LGBT+ issues, wrote asking what would happen if the BBC had tweeted the same image with Hillary Clinton and a female interviewer.

"Liberal hypocrisy in all its unedifying glory!"