Tillerson Tries To Keep Focus On ISIS As Syria Meltdown Continues


Tillerson said all State Department employees would undergo mandatory training to be completed by June 1, speaking in Cairo to about 150 U.S. embassy staff outside the ambassador´s residence.

Kuwait says a total of $30 billion in pledges have been made at a summit on rebuilding Iraq after the Islamic State war.

Tillerson, meanwhile, appealed for coalition members not to lose sight of their ultimate goal in Iraq and Syria at a critical moment with the mission shifting from offensive military operations to stabilization. Turkey considers them a "terrorist" group linked to Kurdish insurgents fighting within Turkey's own borders.

In its aim to defeat Islamic State, the coalition employs a mutually reinforcing five-pronged approach: conducting a military campaign in Iraq and Syria, impeding the flow of foreign fighters, stopping financing and funding of the jihadists, addressing humanitarian crises in the region, and exposing the group's false religious narrative.

USA officials are deeply concerned that a direct conflict between Israel and Iran might escalate into a war, after a drone of Iranian origin entered Israeli airspace over the weekend, prompting an Israeli military response against Iranian assets in Syria and the loss of an Israeli jet in the process.

His arrival in Cairo came one day after Israel carried out a wave of airstrikes in Syria after intercepting an Iranian drone that had infiltrated its airspace and an Israeli F-16 was downed upon its return from Syria. It has essentially been bombed back a decade. As the militants withdrew, they destroyed schools, hospitals, bridges, electricity and water systems. He blamed the United States for that missing trust.

Google Chrome's Ad Filtering Goes Live Tomorrow, Here's How it Works
You now have all the information, tools, and resources to ensure your site is in compliance with the Better Ads Standards. If a match is found, Chrome will block the network request which will prevent the ad from being displayed.

Charity body orders Oxfam inquiry
Dame Barbara Stocking, head of Oxfam in 2011, told the BBC the charity had a long record of having a good code of conduct. While the accusations go back to 2011, it has been in the news after the Times published a report about it on February 9.

Manhattan Bomber Sentenced to Life in Prison
One of the inmates Rahimi tried to radicalize was already in prison in prison facing charges of attempting to recruit for ISIS. Rahimi, 30, did not express remorse for his crime, the BBC reported , but told the court he did not "harbor hate for anyone".

Residents are dipping into savings, selling family gold or borrowing money to make needed repairs.

The anti-IS coalition meeting is a part of the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq (KICRI), which started on Monday in Kuwait City.

World Bank officials joined Iraqi government representatives on Tuesday in Kuwait City to seek pledges from more than 2,000 representatives of global firms. "I think more donors will be coming to the table". But a costly Saudi war in Yemen and a sharp decline in oil prices have limited their interest.

Indeed, the Times described the Iraqi Reconstruction Conference as a "failure".

The militants have proved adept at exploiting festering grievances among Sunni Arabs against Iraq's Shiite-led government. "You must step in and intervene", he added.