Get a Close Look at SpaceX's Falcon Booster Minutes After Landing


For that, it is building a new drone ship that will join two other SpaceX drone ships now floating on the Space Coast. As the year 2018 is going to be a busy year for SpaceX, the company wants to make sure that it has enough facilities for rocket landing.

Those two boosters, which were used in previous launches of SpaceX's workhorse Falcon 9 rocket, will not be reused again, Musk said in a post-launch news conference last week. Despite it being the very first test flight, things went nearly perfectly for SpaceX, and Musk's own Tesla Roadster sailed for the heavens while two Falcon-9-based side boosters landed side by side for the world to see.

In a Twitter conversation, Musk replied to a person asking how he would land two boosters with only one drone by revealing that a third one is under construction.

There have been several landings on remotely operated ships SpaceX has attempted, some successful, some not so much.

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SpaceX already has one floating platform for the Atlantic Ocean and another for the Pacific Ocean. Currently, Of Course I Still Love You is present at Port Canaveral and has successfully recovered many Falcon 9 boosters for reuse.

The space-faring company is working on a new vessel capable of supporting booster landings, Teslarati reports, one they will call A Shortfall of Gravitas.

Of Course I Still Love You was scheduled to recover the third Falcon booster from last week's Falcon Heavy launch, but the booster missed its mark by about 300 feet crashing into the ocean at speeds exceeding 300 miles per hour. All the three drone ships are named after the spacecraft that featured in Scottish author Iain M. Banks' Culture novels. This crash has also damaged the drone ship, taking out two of its engines.

The outer two Falcons, however, made a spectacular synchronised landing back at the Cape.