Detroit police officers shot, 3 women killed after barricaded gunman situation


Gunshots erupted again as officers rushed to the north Detroit home, where the gunman was holed up with a possible arsenal of weapons. Two of Craig's officers suffered minor injuries when the man opened fire upon them in two separate attacks.

Smith ultimately killed his girlfriend and two of her friends who had gone to the home to help with a domestic situation, officers said.

The officer was hospitalized and reported to be in stable condition.

A male inside the house was also shot but survived.

Craig says there was a second attack on the officers, where a DPD officer was shot and was rescued by his partner and other officers.

The officer was struck in the knee during an incident in the 19400 block of Lamont, police said late Sunday.

Patrol cars, unmarked police cars, a Border Patrol auto, a tank-like vehicle and others flanked Outer Drive as officers responded to the barricaded gunman.

Several fires were started by the suspect through the night, possibly for warmth, Craig said. The shooter then began firing at responding officers for at least an hour, striking a Detroit police officer.

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Some who know the suspect and his girlfriend, said the relationship was "for the most part uneventful", Craig said.

At the time, Craig blamed Doss' slaying on police work being risky but also society's failure to treat many of those with mental illness.

Police, as of about 12:30 p.m. Monday, had Michigan State Police-owned robots on scene capable of entering the home, climbing steps and relaying video images to the command staff. Authorities state Smith had no criminal history and had not had contact with police.

Police say a 14-hour standoff in Detroit has ended with the deaths of three women and the suspected gunman.

"He clearly expressed an intention to do harm", Craig said. They've been used in past Detroit-area barricaded-gunman standoff situationsto determine whether the suspect had committed suicide or still posed a threat.

Family and friends of the suspect have said he suffered from mental illness.

The suspect, Lance Smith, 49, who police said has seven legal guns registered to his name, was heard saying, "I will not be taken without a fight", Detroit Police Chief James Craig said at a news conference Monday morning. "This is national. When will it end?"