Better keep it safe: Apple HomePod fix costs $279


The HomePod and its Siri assistant were put through the wringer by Loup Ventures, as the investment website tried to see if Apple has a victor on their hands with the new product. This all works great. It can't even set two timers, make calls, or check your calendar. Sorry, she can only handle one at a time.

To describe the sound quality of the HomePod requires a basic understanding of the how the speaker is built. With the Music app installed, this upsell screen should now load correctly and you can either begin a trial, or skip it by tapping Not Now. HomePod appears as a device in the Home app but you can't include the speaker in a routine.

It's important to note that the Apple HomePod does have high-end audio quality, but when compared to the performance of the Google Home Max and the Sonos One, it fails to offer any significant improvements over these tried and true competitors. That can't be replicated on HomePod, at least not yet.

While sound quality is a chief concern for many looking to purchase a high-end smart speaker, this is far from the only consideration when trying to decide on a new feature.

With the downside behind us, there are some good things to talk about.

To be transparent: I'm in the process of reviewing the HomePod for Ars, and my testing hasn't entirely lined up with Alam's results. My family would be out of luck, unless of course each person had their own HomePod.

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Unlike the Google Home, HomePod won't be able to help if you request a Caesar salad recipe. Amazon and Google are expected to lead the way but will Apple be able to slow them down exclusively reliant on brand loyalty or will a price adjustment need to be made?

If the reasons mentioned above aren't good enough to keep you away from a Homepod, you can get one here.

Apple Music doesn't yet have the same global dominance as the music streaming service Spotify.

Priced at $349, it's much more expensive than the Amazon Echo and Google Home, which are roughly a third of the price.

There are tons of things going on inside the Apple's HomePod and it's really interesting to see what's inside. That's not a feature we evaluated.

If users happen to damage the HomePod as a whole, the fix cost goes up considerably to a whopping $279 for US-based users, £268 for United Kingdom users and $399 for Australian HomePod owners.