NASA Is Planning To Privatize International Space Station


The White House will announce plans to stop funding the International Space Station after 2024 when it unveils its proposed budget Monday, Fox News has confirmed. Boeing, for their part, was opposed to selling off the station, with Mark Mulqueen (Boeing's space station program manager) claiming that the United States would be throwing away a leadership position in the scientific community.

The NASA document indicates the administration "will request market analysis and business plans from the commercial sector and solicit plans from commercial industry" as it hammers out a fuller plan.

That's according to The Washington Post, which says it's obtained a NASA document that outlines plans for privatization when the US government stops funding the station in 2025.

Running the facility reportedly costs up to $4 billion each year.

The plan to privatize the station is likely to run into a wall of opposition, especially since the United States has spent almost $100 billion to build and operate it.

"NASA will expand global and commercial partnerships over the next seven years in order to ensure continued human access to and presence in low Earth orbit", the document says.

Not surprisingly, this proposal isn't incredibly popular. Sen. Cruz said he hoped reports of ending station funding would "prove as unfounded as Bigfoot" and blamed it on "numskulls" at the Office of Management and Budget.

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Privatizing the ISS a wasteful idea.

The unmanned spaceship was aiming to reach the station in a record-breaking three-and-a-half hours.

According to, NASA spokesman Rob Navias said: 'The countdown ended just seconds before liftoff with an abort command that was sent from the blockhouse at Baikonur'.

To be sure, the private sector getting involved in the ISS isn't exclusive to Trump.

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Frank Slazer, the vice president of space systems for the Aerospace Industries Association, said the plan also could prove sticky with the station's global partners.