Trump signs budget deal, ending government shutdown


Trump declared that "our military will now be stronger than ever before". "I want to actually get it done the first time, and I think we can get there".

Earlier in the week, the spending deal appeared primed for easy passage as McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., unveiled it jointly on the Senate floor with a bipartisan flourish and mutual praise.

According to Yahoo News, the Senate voted 71-to-28.

He added that the GOP had to fill the bill with "waste" to secure Democratic approval.

The breakdown came largely in the Senate, when after a day of inaction, Republican Sen. A senior administration official had said Trump would sign the bill before noon but was unlikely to do so before 9 a.m., when federal employees would be back at work. Next up, however, is a Senate immigration battle that may well lead nowhere, complicated by divisions within parties rubbed raw by the spending pact plus election-year pressures that always make compromise challenging. Ryan hasn't scheduled House consideration, infuriating Democrats, but he said Friday, "We will focus on bringing that debate to this floor and finding a solution".

A bipartisan budget pact has cleared a key hurdle in the Senate and should shortly be sent to the House as lawmakers work in the pre-dawn hours to re-open the government. Many were sheepish or even angry about the bushels of dollars for Democratic priorities and the return next year of $1 trillion-plus deficits.

The agreement would give the Pentagon an $80 billion increase for the current budget year for core defense programs, a 14 percent increase over current limits and $26 billion more than Trump's budget request.

The White House Office of Management and Budget had told agencies late yesterday to prepare for a shutdown, but said it would likely only last a few hours.

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The lower chamber approved the legislation in a 240-186 vote.

Pelosi voted against the legislation because it does not include protections for the more than 800,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Some lawmakers, including Flake, have suggested they may have to fall back on a temporary DACA extension with modest border security measures if lawmakers can not agree on a broader immigration reform bill.

It looked yesterday as though a deal had been reached, but Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) objected to the bill and prevented it from passing, insisting on an amendment that cut government spending.

- It boosts defense and non-defense spending by more than $300 billion, ending the strict "sequester caps" imposed in 2011 to reduce the deficit. It waives the debt ceiling until March 2019. It also includes: $6 billion to fight the opioid crisis; $5.8 billion for child care development block grants;$4 billion for veterans medical facilities; $2 billion for medical research; $20 billion to augment existing infrastructure programs; and $4 billion for college affordability.

"I want people to feel uncomfortable", he said of his fellow senators.

The deal, the fifth temporary government funding measure for the fiscal year that began on October 1, replenishes federal coffers until March 23, giving lawmakers more time to write a full-year budget. "But the amusing thing is you know so often in the media we hear 'we want you to work together.' They are are working together but working together to spend a ton of money". Now he is shutting the government down for three hours because of the debt.