Nintendo Labo Is A Series Of Cardboard Peripherals For Your Switch


Nintendo has revealed Nintendo Labo, a new line of build-it-yourself experiences that will be compatible with Nintendo Switch and will launch on April 20 in North America, Australia, and New Zealand, and April 27 in Europe. The Variety Kit contains multiple Toy-Cons, including the Toy-Con Fishing Rod, the Toy-Con Piano, two Toy-Con RC Cars, a Toy-Con Motorbike, and a Toy-Con House. Both are expected to be available come April 20, 2018, and we expect that there will be more kits in the future. The Labo kit comes with cardboard sheets, a Switch cartridge, and other accessories such as the string and plastic connectors. Nintendo will further augment your customisation options with the release of a dedicated stencil, sticker, and coloured tape set on launch day. All of these gestures are translated to a giant robot on the TV screen, which is bordering on a makeshift Nintendo VR system. No, really. The Variety Kit will cost $70, while the Robot Kit will set you back $80.

The Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling console ever in the U.S. You could be one of the first families to try Nintendo Labo! These devices let players then play various games with their Nintendo Switch, from a musical rhythm game to a mech combat title.

This is how the Nintendo Labo piano works.

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"We are excited to introduce Nintendo Labo, our new invitation for everyone to make, play and discover with Nintendo Switch", said Kamon Yoshimura, Managing Director of Nintendo Australia.

After being announced late Wednesday afternoon the Labo quickly became Twitter's top trending topic in the United States as people took to the social network to share their excitement. The Joy-Cons are used to control the arms and legs of the Robot which strap to a backpack the user wears. In the USA, it'll be available from 20 April 2018. Nintendo Labo will not only stimulate your creativity, but it will also allow you to have a whole new experience where the final results depend on your work.

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