Your passport may not qualify as address proof, if this happens


As of now, passports are issued in three colours: white for government officers or to those people who visit other countries for the official work of the government; red for diplomats; and blue for all others across two categories - those who require emigration check (ECR) and those who do not (ECNR).

The last page also contains information such Emigration Check Required (ECR) and old passport number with date and place of issue of that passport.

In addition to not having any details on the last page of the passport, the ministry has also chose to differentiate on the basis of ECR status of an individual.

The Indian Security Press, Nashik, will have to design the new passport booklets to the altered specifications finalised by the ministry.

Those who need emigration check (ECR) in the passports will now have an orange coloured passport; right now, ECR required passport was blue, along with those which don't require ECR.

Applicants who haven't cleared 10th standard are given a passport with ECR category.

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Ministry of Home Affairs of India has today stated that Indian Passports will never be considered as proof of address from now onwards.

No date has been given for the start of issuing of the new passports.

The External Affairs Ministry has also decided not to print the last page of the travel document with the address of the holder.

According to a report published by Hindustan Times, Surendera Kumar, the under-secretary of policy and legal matters at the consular, Passport and visa division of the ministry, said that the change might come into effect with the issuance of "next series" of passports. As a outcome, the document that shows citizenship will cease to be a valid proof of address photo copy of which is now taken for use at government and private offices.

ECR passport holders require clearance from the Protector General of Emigrants to go overseas in order to prevent exploitation. In this case too, existing ECR passports will be valid.