Serena Williams Shares Terrifying Details of Her Birth Story


Not wanting to worry her visiting mother, Williams stepped into the hall and flagged a nearby nurse, insisting that she needed an IV with heparin, a blood thinner, and a CT scan to check for clots.The nurse believed that medications might have befuddled Williams, Vogue says, but a doctor arrived - only to perform an ultrasound, and not the CT scan that Williams believed she needed. Smoking, being overweight and obesity, and genetics are all factors that may cause.Williams takes blood thinners every day to prevent clots from forming. Almost a third of births in the United States are, and Williams' procedure was flawless.

A pregnant Williams sealed her 23rd Grand Slam singles title and seventh Melbourne Park crown a year ago, but last week announced she wouldn't defend her title, saying she was "super close" but not quite ready to compete after giving birth in September.

Over the following six days, Serena Williams' c-section wound popped open from the intense coughing spells caused by the pulmonary embolism. The next day, off the "anticoagulant regimen" medication, the 23-time Grand Slam victor began to gasp as she recovered in her hospital room. The scan showed that several small blood clots had settled in her lungs. "Williams" physical instincts were correct.

She returned home a week later to an entirely different type of bad news: the night nurse had fallen through.

One piece in that series, titled "How Hospitals Are Failing Black Mothers", carries special poignance given Williams' ordeal. "I was happy to change diapers", Ohanian, who married Williams in November, told Vogue, adding that the hardest part was "not being able to help".

Serena revealed that she spent the first 6 weeks of motherhood unable to get out of bed.

In celebration of her power, Vogue has highlighted five important body positive lessons that the tennis champion has followed over the years and, in turn, hopes to pass on to her baby daughter, from tuning out negativity to learning that beauty isn't one size fits all.

Image The Atlas
Image The Atlas

As one woman said on Twitter, "Stand your ground, because you just might save your own life".

"Knowing I've got this handsome baby to go home to makes me feel like I don't have to play another match".

See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on and. Not only is she gearing up to play competitively again (despite choosing to skip this year's Australian Open noting that she doesn't feel "prepared to go all the way"), but many of her tennis friends have been incredibly supportive in wishing her a speedy recovery and seeing her back on tour. "I'm so glad I had a daughter".

"I'd like her to have a normal life".

Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion, told Vogue she is determined to win more Major titles and surpass the record of 24 Slams held by Australia's Margaret Court.

Despite her self doubts, and her serious medical complications, Serena and Alexis are considering more children, yet say they "are in no rush".

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