Trump claims Mexico will 'indirectly' pay for a wall through NAFTA


"I think this was a ‘Lets wait and see whats going to happen period", said Ruben Garcia, director of the Annunciation House, a shelter in El Paso, Texas, that provides housing to recent border crossers as they search for more permanent places to live. Yet later that afternoon, Schumer told reporters he believed both sides would be able to reach a border security deal they could "live with". "So important", Trump said.

Applying the same logic to the border wall, what if Congress passes a bill recognizing the damaging consequences of our porous border situation, and mandating the construction of a wall and/or other border security and control measures (like the legislation in 1995 recognizing the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and would be the site of the U.S. Embassy there).

A Homeland Security border patrol officer rides an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) past prototypes of President Donald Trump's proposed border wall on November 1, 2017, in Otay Mesa. The Trump administration announced in September that it was ending the Obama-era program, but gave Congress several months to act before recipients begin to lose their protected status in March.

While construction of a border wall was one of Trump's signature campaign promises, border agents have long maintained that there are better ways to secure the border than building a physical barrier.

Mexico, Trump said, "can pay for it indirectly through NAFTA".

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Nor would a wall stop illegal immigration, other experts said. Democrats and some Republicans are pushing to have it preserved.

The episode prompted a shutdown warning from Durbin, with government funding scheduled to run out January 19 and a long-term budget will require Democratic votes. "The general consensus is that a wall is not necessary", Hirono said.

Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, a pro-immigration advocacy group, said his organization would be unlikely to protest a DACA deal that included replacing existing fencing. Trump said Saturday these included included national security, infrastructure, military funding and immigration. Everyone wants security. Then we go to comprehensive later on. He demanded the border wall in exchange for protection against the deportations of young immigrants who were brought into the children, who also known as Dreamers.

But shortly after his dramatic announcement that, unlike previous presidents, he is doing just that, President Trump did exactly what his all his predecessors had done - he signed the waiver of action, allowed by law, delaying the move for another six months. We have to get rid of chain migration.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said rebuilding the nation's infrastructure and bolstering the military would be priorities this year, as well as ensuring "that everyone enjoys the economic growth that's to come".